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Are you collaborating / partnering with WUKA? If so, this is our brief page. Go to the campaign you will be featured on, read through it and make sure you understand everything. If you have any questions, please email us at media@wuka.co.uk.

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Overview of Content Direction 👀

  • WUKA literally stands for: WAKE UP KICK ASS, and we try to embody this in everything we do. We’re always trying to break any taboos talking about periods, the vagina and female health. They’re natural, and it’s about time we normalise bleeding by talking about them!
  • As long as the tone of the caption feels authentic to you and will resonate with your audience, we're happy.
  • Feel comfortable and confident in your skin. We love natural, unedited bodies!
  • We don't want our paid content to feel like an ad. Please avoid it feeling stiff and dry. We love it when our influencers make their content feel personal or relatable, by sharing personal stories or opinions.
  • Visually, we'd love you to wear our WUKA undies, but we understand not everyone is comfortable with this. There's lots of ways you get around this, by shooting it in flat lays, or pairing with an oversized T-shirt ect. You can check out our tagged section on Instagram for inspo.

Period Pants

Earth Hour

Let's save 3 Million disposable period products going to landfills.

  • Female-led startup
  • UK’s first and leading period pants
  • First period pants to become fully carbon neutral
  • The brand that started breaking taboos around periods
  • First period pants to go up to 6XL
  • First period pants to hold up to 60ml blood (super heavy)

🙋🏽‍♀️ Not all heroes wear capes, some wear carbon-reducing, plastic-saving WUKA period pants.

We’d love for you to chat to your community openly about your period experiences, and how everyone’s experience is unique and valid.