Period Pants Tax

WE DID IT! The UK Chancellor has finally announced in the 2023 Autumn Statement that VAT will be removed from period pants – meaning that from next year, ALL period products will be VAT-free.

Ruby Raut- Campaign for Period Pant Tax Campain


‘Period Pants Tax' is all the revenue earned from the VAT charge applied to the sale of menstrual underwear which are taxed at 20%. Periods are NOT a luxury, so why should you be charged 20% luxury tax (VAT) on every pair of period pants? The Government removed VAT from some menstrual products like pads, tampons & cups, but period pants are still charged the full 20% VAT rate.

We think this is wrong. Ask your MP to help remove this tax and make sustainable period pants 20% cheaper. Our pledge is to pass the savings on to our customers. 


We believe that sustainable periods are not a luxury. The Government removed the luxury tax (VAT) from tampons and pads, but they did not include period pants. This unfairly penalises period pants - a sustainable period product option - and we think this is wrong. VAT is a 20% tax placed on items considered a luxury. That's right, period pants are considered a luxury. Sustainable periods are not a luxury. It's time to remove the period pants tax. By removing VAT from tampons and pads only, the Government is indirectly encouraging the purchase of disposable period products. This is irresponsible - our planet is overwhelmed by waste created by humans and we are in the midst of an environmental crisis. We should not be encouraging more waste.


NOV 2023 - WE DID IT! Period Pant Tax Is removed - effective from Jan 2024

OCT 2023 - M&S Join Our Case With the #SayPantsToTax Campaign. An Open Letter is written & signed by over 70MP's.  36,000 Signatures reached.

AUG 2023 - 28,000 Signatures and counting

OCT 2022 - 6,055 Signatures

JAN 2021 - 18,161 Signatures & Government response

At 10,000 signatures, The Government responded to our petition saying: “difficulties in policing the scope of the relief create(s) the potential for litigation, erosion of the tax base and a reduction in revenue”

 * Following our petition, MP Daisy Cooper started an Early Day Motion and invited other MPs to sign, to ensure all period products are considered essential, and eco-friendly options are affordable for all.

OCT 2021 - 2,962 Signatures

AUG 2017 - HMRC Letter

We wrote to HMRC to clarify that period underwear would be classified as a menstrual product and taxed accordingly. This was our first response from the HMRC to say that period underwear would be taxed as regular underwear. The fight for recognition begins!



* Tampons, pads and panty liners and their packaging generate more than 200,000 tonnes of waste per year, and they all contain plastic. * Disposable pads contain up to 90% plastic; the equivalent of four plastic bags. * Plastic products can take up to a thousand years to decompose in landfill or in the ocean. * Half of tampon-users in the UK flush tampons away. It has been estimated that 1.5-2 billion disposable period products are flushed down Britain’s toilets each year. * It costs £88 million a year to unblock sewers blocked by menstrual products (combined with fats, oils, grease and food waste) in the UK. * Harsh chemicals such as chlorine and dioxin are still found in mainstream brand pads and tampons. These are damaging for the environment and potentially for people’s health. * Statistics from the Women’s Environmental Network (WEN)