Earth Hour Promotion F.A.Q.

What is Earth Hour?
Every year, millions of people gather around to raise awareness for the issues our planet faces. This year, we have set ourselves a goal of saving 3 million disposable pads and tampons from landfill and our oceans during this one hour alone! To achieve this ambitious goal, we’re offering 50% off Ultimate, 40% off Perform and 30% off Basics Period Pants for one hour only - 3 pairs maximum per customer - to enable more people to try WUKA and positively impact their carbon footprint.
When is Earth Hour?
Earth Hour is 8.30 pm - 9.30 pm UK time on Saturday 25th March 2023.
What discount code should I use?
You do not need to enter a discount code at checkout. All products assigned to the Earth Hour category will already have the relevant discount applied. Just add to the cart and checkout.
How long does the discount last?
The Earth Hour pricing will automatically revert back at 11.59 pm UK time on Saturday 25th March 2023. We reserve the right to end the promotion before then once the goal of 3 Million Disposables saved is hit or for any other reasons.
Do other discount codes work during Earth Hour?
During the Earth Hour promotion, all existing discount codes will not work. This will last from the start of Earth Hour, 8:30 pm 25th March 2023 UK time until 11:59 pm 25th March 2023 UK time.
How many pairs can I order during Earth Hour?
To ensure that as many people can have access to affordable sustainable period products and to enable as many people as possible to reduce their carbon footprint, we have set a limit of 3 pairs of Period Pants per person, as part of this promotion.
What happens if I order more than 3 pairs?
Unfortunately, your order will be cancelled if it exceeds the limit of 3 pairs per person and you’ll miss out on this very rare opportunity for a huge discount! Play fair and share - let your friends and family reduce their period waste by discovering WUKA too.
What happens if I can’t order in time or if I miss the offer?
Unfortunately, our offer expires at 11.59 pm UK time. If you miss the offer, subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to know about all our offers and new launches!

Return & Refund
Please note that sizes purchased as part of our Earth Hour promotion cannot be refunded or exchanged once the order has been shipped. However, if a size change is necessary prior to shipping, we can accommodate the request.

If worn, wash and dry them before returning.

How do I change my order?
Please kindly email us at with details of your order and the changes you wish to make. Due to the high volume of orders, our replies may take longer than our usual 24hrs.

Please see our full returns and exchanges policy here.