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What is GOTS Cotton?

What is GOTS cotton?

We use planet-friendly materials in all our products, but have you ever wondered what GOTS cotton is? Read on to discover why we use GOTS cotton at WUKA.

What is GOTS cotton?

WUKA Lace Collection, Ultimate Collection, Flex Collection and Reusable period pads are all made using GOTS cotton. One touch and you’ll see just how soft they are! But what does this actually mean? What is GOTs cotton? 

GOTS stands for Global Organic Textile Cotton. GOTS was set up by a number of global organisations, including the UK’s Soil Association, in order to develop processing standards for organic textiles. Put simply, GOTS is a standard that provides regulation for manufacturing- so that we as a brand can be 100% transparent about the materials we use. 

GOTS certification also means that we can ensure organic principles are at the forefront throughout the entire process- from farm to finished product. So you know that when you buy a WUKA product made with GOTS cotton, you’re buying a product that upholds the key organic principles: health, ecology, fairness and care. 

  • Health: organic farming should protect the health of soil, plant, animal and human.  
  • Ecology: organic farming should work around ecological systems.
  • Fairness: organic farming should ensure fairness for environment and life opportunities.
  • Care: organic farming should protect the health and wellbeing of all and the environment.

Having the GOTS certification means that we at WUKA adhere to all of the above, and you as the customer can be assured we’re doing all that we can to protect you, our planet and our future.

What makes cotton organic?

Cotton is classed as organic when it meets specific organic farming standards that maintain the health of soils, the ecosystem and population. Organic cotton is grown without the use of GMOs or synthetic chemicals and will not harm the soil in the farm where they’re grown either. The crops use 88% less water and 62% less energy too.

GOTS cotton 

Products which are GOTS approved must follow strict criteria. They should contain at minimum 70% organic fibre content, with no harmful chemicals at all. The companies who make these products must also be approved; they should be taking steps to manage their environmental impact, to reduce energy usage and should have high social standards. 

This means that brands who carry the GOTS logo are expected to provide safe working conditions, without child labour and without discrimination. And the entire supply chain should be verified too; GOTS certification requires that the farms supplying the materials must also be certified to a legal standard, and all finer details such as buttons, threads and zips should adhere to strict criteria. GOTS is a voluntary standard, but one that we at WUKA view as crucial. 

Regular cotton

In contract to GOTS cotton, regular cotton is in much higher demand, and so is processed a lot more quickly. This means that it’s machine picked to keep up with demand, resulting in a loss of softness. It also means that the soil its grown in is re-used over and over again, which degrades its quality over time- leading to a degradation in quality of the finished predict too.

Regular cotton may also contain compounds from pesticides and chemicals used to grow the crops, which can also potentially impact the health of the cotton farmers. And when considering this in the context of period pants, the risk of exposing your intimate body parts to chemicals is much higher too. Not good. 

What are the benefits of GOTS cotton?

Besides the fact that GOTS cotton is softer and more pleasant to wear, there are many benefits to investing in brands who take the certification seriously. 

The GOTS Social Criteria ensures that textile workers are protected against forced and child labour, and there are strict health and safety rules in place for protection too. Workers are paid fairly, and treated with respect, free from discrimination. 

There are also very strict regulations when it comes to chemicals used during the textile production. The additives such as inks or dyes which are permitted must be GOTS approved, and  every step is taken to ensure that toxic substances are not released into the environment. Additionally, packaging must adhere to regulations, being recycled from pre or post consumer waste, or certified to sustainable forestry management policies. Plastic is kept to a minimum and always PVC free. 

And then there’s the benefits of the product integrity. When you buy a product with the GOTS certification, you know that it will contain at least 70% organic fibres, and the remaining 30% has been strictly regulated too. You know it’s been produced to the highest standards. 

GOTS cotton at WUKA 

We’re proud to use GOTS cotton here at WUKA. When you shop our products with the GOTS logo, you can rest assured that each item has been made to very high standards- without compromise. Plus, you know you’re not putting any harmful chemicals near your body- especially your vagina!- and no worker has been exposed to potentially harmful chemicals to make your underwear either.  

Our GOTS cotton products are super soft, super kind to your body and pose no threat to the environment at all. Once you’re finished using them, they can be returned to the earth where they will biodegrade safely and without issue. Can the same be said about other garments, produced with the use of chemicals? 

Shop with a conscience. Shop GOTS cotton at WUKA.

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What is the meaning of the GOTS certification?

The GOTS certification means that the product and the company making it has met strict requirements set out by the Global Organic Textiles Standards. The cotton used has been produced without the use of chemicals, and with consideration for ecology, fairness ( to workers, to you and to the planet) and health. 

What is the purpose of GOTS?

GOTS is voluntary, but it’s a way for brands to demonstrate to you, the customer, that they care about  the chemicals which are used to produce their materials. The standards are there to protect everyone throughout the supply chain, and to ensure that the end product you buy is of a a high standard, and one which will not compromise health, the planet, or the future. 

What are the benefits of GOTS cotton?

There are many benefits to GOTS cotton. For one, it’s a loft softer than mass produced, machine-picked cotton. Beyond that, it’s produced in accordance to a strict set of rules which ensure the safety of all involved. There are no harmful chemicals used in its production, so it’s safer to use too- particularly crucial when it comes to period pants!