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WUKA vs Tampons and Pads

Here at WUKA we are proud of our period pants and believe they are comfortable and reliable when it comes to wearing period protection. With different options of period products on the market, we wanted to use this post to take a closer look at the differences between WUKA pants, tampons and pads.

Keep it Simple

Let’s be honest, carrying around tampons and pads can be annoying. They can be bulky and you’ll want to carry a few around with you at one time. There is also the worry that you may not buy your next pack in time for your period. Or, what about that frustrating moment when you look at the shelves to notice that the shop doesn’t stock your go-to pads or tampons.

Having pants in your drawer all month long is ideal as you no longer need to worry about stocking up and spending additional money that week. It’s easier to grab a pair of pants and shove them into your bag if you think you may be caught out during the day. WUKA have designed period underwear for heavier and lighter days making them suitable throughout your flow.

Pads and tampons can leak onto your underwear, wearing WUKA’s period pants eliminates this worry and you no longer have to fear staining your favourite frilly pair of knickers.

Pads can move around in your underwear and tampons can be difficult to insert and uncomfortable to wear. Both can cause irritation and there is the concern about getting toxic shock syndrome if a tampon is left in too long.


WUKA pants are made from soft and breathable material with anti-bacterial properties that are chemical free, meaning that you shouldn’t experience irritation. The leak-proof pad is embedded into the material ensuring that it can’t move around and displace.

Why choose Period Pants over tampons and pads?

'There are potentially multiple health benefits to using menstrual underwear or organic reusable pads over more conventional sanitary products. One of the most serious complications associated with tampon use (in particular incorrect use, e.g. leaving them in too long) is Toxic Shock Syndrome. TSS is usually more associated with tampon use than pads, as the blood has the potential to act as a medium for bacterial growth in the vagina. As the cells in the vagina are extremely absorbent, the bacteria from the tampon can be absorbed into the body, resulting in sepsis. Although this is a rare complication, it can be life threatening. By using external products, e.g. menstrual underwear or pads, you reduce this risk dramatically.

Another benefit is that they don't contain the potentially harmful chemicals that some sanitary products have in them. For example, tampons have been found to have traces of dioxins and pesticides (from the cotton and rayon). Some sanitary products also have fragrances in them. These are usually a mix of multiple chemicals that can disrupt the pH of the vagina and result in bacterial overgrowth or irritation.'

Approximately a person spend £13 a month on menstrual product. This equates to £156 a year. If you invest £150, which buys you 7 pairs of WUKA. You can also get our WUKA Basics for only £12 a pair, same WUKA quality but more affordable for all. This is enough to last you for more than 2 years. All in all you will get more than one years worth free menstrual products if you switch to reusable and comfortable menstrual product like WUKA.

Switching to wearing period pants reduces the cost significantly as each pair of pants can last more than two years without using any disposables.

☠ Stay Toxin Free ☠

Despite changes in bleaching practices to purify menstrual products, chlorine and dioxin can still be found in period pads and tampons. These chemicals can be harmful to health. More research is needed but toxic chemicals in period products may cause or impact upon serious illnesses, infertility and other infections.

Wearing WUKA’s period pants eliminates that health risk as they contain no chemicals or toxins, however, they remain breathable, hygienic and absorbent.

Reduce Waste

Most menstrual pads are made from 90% plastic and this plastic along with tampon applicators end up in landfill or in the ocean. This waste is affecting wildlife, sea mammals, our beaches and the environment.

Wearing reusable period products such as period pants is more environmentally friendly as it reduces waste. To know that you’re contributing to keeping the planet healthy is a humbling and exciting feeling.


Reduce Waste

The average commencement age for menstruation is 12 yrs old, although it can be as early as 8 years old for some girls.

When a young person starts their period, they often wear pads to adjust to menstruating. It can be embarrassing and inconvenient to visit the toilet frequently throughout the school day to change pads, and the wings on pads may be visible when changing for sports activities.  

Wearing WUKA’a pants is simply a case of putting on underwear and changing it when necessary. This gives comfort and peace of mind throughout the early stages of starting her period and during the day.

WUKA care about girls’ experiences of menstruation and have designed a range of pants with teenagers in mind called Tween Period Pants’.

Wrapping It Up

WUKA’s period pants are a great reusable choice for menstruating individuals who no longer wish to use pads and tampons as they provide a comfortable, toxic free, secure, and environmentally-friendly option.

Purchasing the pants will save you money on period products over time, as WUKA pants can be reused for several years. 

This blog post is written by Rebekah Louise.