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Why Switching To Period Pants Will Save You Money

Why switching to period underwear is more important now than ever before. WUKA experts discuss how you can save money on your period with period pants.

Average Sanitary Products Cost

Did you know that in her reproductive lifetime, the average woman will spend around £10.23 per month on menstrual products? It might not sound like a lot, but it actually works out as roughly £4,196 by the time she reaches menopause. 

That’s over £4k on sanitary products, from the age of 12-52!

Average Period Pants Cost

In contrast, the average WUKA customer will spend just £1,764 on thier period. That’s based on 5-7 pairs of Heavy Flow Basic Hipster period pants and taking into account the fact that each pair has a lifespan of up to two years. 

There’s a difference of £2,432, which means that making the switch to reusable period pants will save you money. Period.

Period Pants

Period pants are a complete tampon and pad replacement that just makes sense. Instead of literally throwing money down the loo (2 billion period products are flushed into our oceans and waterways every year in Britain) you’re making an investment - in the planet and your financial health too.

Accessible to all, reusable period underwear don’t require lengthy instructions to use - just wear them like a normal pair of pants, bleed into them, wash them… and repeat. They’re easy to care for, super comfortable and so convenient - in fact, we’re surprised you haven’t made the switch already!

Period Pants By Flow

Not sure where to start? You can shop by flow. 

Our period pants have a range of absorbencies to keep you leak-free and confident, no matter where you are in your cycle. 

The average lifetime costs of WUKA period pants by flow are:

  • Super Heavy flow: £2,599
  • Heavy flow: £1,800
  • Medium flow: £1,200
  • Light flow: £800

Super Heavy flow period pants are great for shift workers, overnight and long journeys too. With a thicker gusset to absorb up to 60ml blood ( or 6 tampons worth) and available in either Ultimate High Waist or Ultimate Midi Brief style, these are the best type for heavy bleeding. 

Heavy Flow period pants hold up to 20ml blood and are a complete replacement for either 4 tampons or 3 pads. Leak-proof and available in 5 different styles, WUKA heavy flow period pants are also great for overnight and for particularly heavy flow days.

Medium flow period pants are great for the middle of your cycle if you normally start to experience an easing in blood flow, while light flow period pants are perfect for spotting or light flow days where you’d usually use a pantyliner. 

Medium flow will hold up to 3 tampons worth of blood, and light flow are designed to hold up to 2. 

You know your flow best, so it might be that you need a couple of pairs of Heavy for the start of your period or for overnight, and then a few pairs of medium to see you through to the end. On average, the costs work out way less, even if you mix and match.

Period Pants By Style

Comfort is key, especially when you’re on your period, so if you prefer to shop by style we’ve got you. Below we’ve listed the average lifetime cost for each style:

  • Midi Brief: £1,799
  • Hipster: £1,200
  • Bkini Brief: £1,799
  • High Waist: £1,799
  • Thong: £800
  • Boxer Short: £2,499

Again, the costs remain low even if you go for more than one style of period pants.

Period Pants By Collection

WUKA period pant collections are designed to help you narrow down your choice even further, with a range of styles and absorbencies to suit every body. Average lifetime costs for each collection are:

  • Stretch Seamless collection: £1,799
  • Print collection: £1,799
  • Ultimate collection: £1,799
  • Flex collection: £1,599
  • Basics collection: £1,200
  • Perform collection: £1,999
  • Lace collection: £1,799
  • Re-Purpose collection: £800
  • Summer collection: £800
  • Postpartum collection: £2,599

The fantastic thing about both our Stretch Seamless and our Flex range is that they’re multi-sized - fitting up to 6 sizes. These are particularly great for growing teens, as it eliminates the need to buy new sizes as their bodies develop through puberty.

The Flex Bikini are also great for anyone with mobility issues too - they come with detachable straps that mean you can quickly and easily change them without the need to get undressed. Perfect for cramped public cubicles too!

All WUKA collections are available in a range of styles and absorbencies so you can find the right fit for you - and save money too.


Are period pants a good idea?

Yes! Period pants are not only kind to the environment, but they’re kind to your wallet too. With lower average costs per person when compared to disposable period products, the maths speaks for itself. They can also be safely and easily used by all, which is again in contrast to other period products. 

How can I save money on my period?

You can save money by investing in period pants that can be reused each month - rather than spending so much more on disposable products. Plus, WUKA cycle sets offer you the chance to spend even less on your period, with the 3 pack or 5 pack offering savings of up to £9.

Are period pants more eco friendly?

Period pants are definitely more eco friendly than the disposable, plastic-riddled alternatives. In Britain alone, 2 billion menstrual products are flushed down the loo each year, with a further 200,000 tonnes ending up in landfill too. 

Most disposable period products are 90% plastic, in contrast to WUKA period pants, which are ethically made using planet friendly materials. Making the switch from disposable period products to reusables is an easy, convenient and super comfy way to be more environmentally-friendly in our everyday lives.

Read more about our sustainability mission here. 

How many period pants should I buy?

Depending on your flow and how long your period tends to last, we recommend that 5-7 pairs of WUKA period pants should be just about right. We’re all different- some of us bleed for 3-4 days, some for 7-10 days. Some of us have much heavier flows than others. Browse the different styles available for your flow and don’t forget that cycle sets all save you even more money.

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