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Why Small Businesses are doing a #BetterthanPrime Day Sale

Why Small Businesses are doing a #BetterthanPrime Day Sale

On the 21-22nd June, Amazon is running their Prime Day sale. But we at WUKA are starting a campaign called #betterthanprime. Through this, we are encouraging people to shop local and support small businesses. Every contribution to small businesses leaves a lasting impact, not just on others’ lives but on the planet too. By supporting them, we are paying fair wages, helping businesses grow and ensuring that they aren’t going to be shut down!

At WUKA the campaign means

  • We look after our people. No zero hour contracts.
  • We pay corporation tax. Amazon had sales income of 44bn in 2020 and didn’t pay a single penny.
  • We support 60 independent stockists. Supporting one another and taking care of each other.

But what does it mean to be #betterthanprime for hundreds and thousands of all small business in the UK?

Here are some amazing stories from small independent businesses in their own words who will make you smile and cry at the same time because every order means a world to them. 👇🏼

Charlotte from Melon and Co, who shares their excitement when their orders come in. I still, ten years on, get a little excited feeling at every order. Each and every order means we keep 6 people in their jobs!

Julie, Neves and most amazing bees from NevesBees are Oxfordshire Beekeepers using our local Oxfordshire beeswax to make 100% natural, water-free skincare who are on a mission to bring back our wildflower meadows to help support all our bees and other pollinators. Along with providing home to so many bees, they also donate 10% of our profits to local wildlife charities.

Julies says: The reason I’d like to support your #betterthanprime campaign is because we really do care about how our product is delivered to our customers! We always give a ‘small air punch’ when we get an order (especially the Etsy ones that make the ‘Kerching’ noise!) We tried Amazon FBA (their prime service) for a few months and I hated dealing with Amazon – the feedback from the customers of how the products arrived said it all too! We quickly stopped and now sell through our own website and ship all orders ourselves

 Beth from Ivy&Bee really prides in her business and their ongoing collaboration with Ecologi and The Eden Reforestation Project so for every sale placed with them a donation is made to the replanting of trees in areas of deforestation, something they are particularly proud of. She is also constantly working with small businesses across the UK to support the UK economy.

Philipa from ThreeSisterfarm started a dried flower business and in less than a year had a turnover of £300k and now employs 7 staff! She is a single mum with no support but has big plans for the company.

We all know that Amazon is ruining independent bookshops and more are closing each month. By undercutting them by price and convenience, there’s no wonder local shops can’t compete. But local bookshops (and businesses too!) are the hearts of our communities. You can’t get a personalised recommendation online, you can’t find a gift packed with love online. Nothing beats speaking to passionate business owners and we need to keep them here for that reason. This is a real frustration for small business owners like Nikki, founder of Bookish Mindset who runs a monthly book subscription service.

Chole, founder of chloehaywoodlondon is a sustainable business owner of her award winning hats, but also designs and sells accessories and homeware too. Designed and made everything in the UK and proud of it! Obsessed by reusing waste and am all about having a CIRCULAR ECONOMY.

When I get an order, it makes my day (and of course do an obligatory dance too)

I want to be part of #betterthanprime campaign because I’m a small business, doing good and demonstrating how you can reuse and rework waste into amazing things!

I do everything (and I mean everything) with integrity and love. You know that when you get my deliveries - I ADORE WRAPPING up your orders! It’s like relieving a special present every time 💝 which you definitely cannot get from orders coming through Amazon. I’m out to prove that small IS beautiful and that I will not be downtrodden 🤩

Every time our CEO, Sarah, sees an order come through - it gives her hope that people care about the planet and the people on it. Aside from the happy feelings of support and business security, every time someone shops with an ethical or local business - they really make a difference!: says founder of Y.O.U underwear, a sustainable underwear brand which supports buy-one-give-two models in partnership with the charity Smalls for All. They have donated over 15,500 pairs of underwear to support women and girls in Africa and the UK.

These are just a few reasons behind what we are doing for our #betterthanprime campaign. We're supporting local businesses and asking everyone to do the same. We encourage you to join in and do your bit to support local businesses this prime day! Head over to our socials to find more.