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What Are Period Pants?

how to use period pantsPeriod pants are leakproof underwear designed for your menstruation days. Wearing period pants means you no longer have to wear pads or tampons. Learn more:

What are period pants?

When it comes to your menstrual cycle and choosing the right period products for you, its safe to say that there are many different options out there. From single-use tampons and pads, to more eco-friendly, reusable options - the choices are vast and it can be difficult to know where to start.  

One solution is reusable period pants. Purchased once, a single pair of WUKA period pants can be used for around two years - and will replace over 200 single-use tampons and pads, making them a comfortable and sustainable option for all.

Designed especially to absorb your flow, choosing period pants eliminates the need to wear a pad, tampon or menstrual cup. You can just bleed straight into the pants, without fear of leaking through to your clothes.

How do period pants work?

WUKA period pants have been designed to give you the most comfortable period possible, whilst also ensuring that they are reliable and trustworthy.

The first layer is moisture-wicking, which prevents both odour and fungal growth, giving you a fresh feeling for longer. 

Many first time users worry that after wearing the pants for longer than 2 or 3 hours they may smell. However, we want to reassure you that WUKA period underwear do not smell and are in many ways much more hygienic than tampons or pads.

how period pants absorb blood

In the centre of every pair of WUKA period pants, there is an absorbent layer (uniquely used by us) which locks in blood fast, drawing it away from the body and leaving you feeling dry.

There is also a leak-proof barrier - this is the layer that prevents blood from passing through the underwear onto your clothes. It also works to prevent sweating and guarantees airflow, so the pants are 100% breathable. Plus, our CoolMax™️ technology ensures a fresh, fast-drying finish every time.

Read more about how period pants work here.

How much blood can period pants absorb?

You can shop WUKA period pants by flow - choose from light, medium, heavy or super heavy. Light flow period pants will absorb lighter leaks, spotting and discharge, while the super heavy period pants can hold up to 60ml blood, or 12 tampons worth. Take a look at our collections to find the right absorbency for you. 

How often do you change period pants?

You know your flow best, but generally speaking we recommend you change your period pants every 4-6 hours. Our Super Heavy period pants can be worn during night shifts or for long travels, and we recommend these are changed after around 12 hours.

What chemicals are used in WUKA period pants?

WUKA period pants don’t have any added antibacterial spray or silver treatment, nor do our period pants contain any harmful PFAs. They are safe for you, your health, sea animals and the environment. 

We conduct independent testing on our fabric to ensure no traces of PFOS or PFOA are present (the most notorious chemicals in most comfortable products). We never test on animals and our period pants are certified vegan. Read more about chemicals in period pants here. 

Who can use period pants?

Period pants are good for anyone with a period. They’re easy to use, convenient and safe for all ages. WUKA period pants come in a range of sizes, starting from teenage, and in a variety of styles too. 

how do period pants work

WUKA period pants are suitable for those with heavy, medium and light flows and for people with all shapes and sizes. Period pants are great for:

  • Postpartum bleeding and new mothers- check out our Postpartum Collection, which are designed with extra absorbency and a leak-proof layer that extends to the waistband. These are perfect for 2+ weeks postpartum and have maximum coverage.
  • Teens starting their first period- our period pants school kit contains two pairs plus a wet bag to keep a pair in when changing at school. Guaranteed no stress, no leaks and no odour- plus no missing school because of your period either. Our best selling Teen Stretch™️ period pants are multis-size, so they grow with you child and mean that you don't need to re-buy if they have a growth spurt!
  • Eco-conscious- read more about how to have a sustainable period here.
  • People with sensory issues and disabilities. Our Stretch™️ seamless pants are not only multi-size, but they're super soft too with no tags or seams that dig in. Plus, our Flex Detachable (also multi-size) feature a detachable clasp that makes them perfect for anyone with mobility issues. 
  • People with sensitive skin and allergies - as already mentioned, we don’t use any chemicals in our period pants, so there’s no chance of irritation. Our Stretch™️ cotton are perfect for anyone with sensitive skin or skin conditions as they're naturally hypoallergenic.
  • Vegans- we’ve been approved by The Vegan Society and PETA; every single pair of our period pants is certified vegan and cruelty free.
  • For women, trans men and non binary people suffering from endometriosis and irregular periods - our period pants are available for a range of flows, from light to Super Heavy, so if you suffer with heavy periods or your period is unpredictable, we’ve got you. 
  • Light urinary leaks - our DryTech™️ reusable incontinence pants feature our Stretch™️ technology for a second-skin fit every time, plus we use Polygiene OdourCrunch™️ and Polygiene StayFresh™️ to eliminate odour and bacteria.

How do I care for period pants?

Your WUKA period pants will need some TLC to give them the best lifespan possible - but don’t worry, they’re really easy to care for. 

When you’re ready to change your pants, give them a quick rinse (lots of customers tell us they do this in the shower because they can stomp on them!). But if you’re in a rush, a quick rinse under the cold tap will do just fine-or you can skip this step altogether.

how to wash period pants

Your WUKA period pants can be added to a normal wash in the machine. We recommend popping them into a mesh laundry bag to protect them during the cycle, and wash between 30-40 degrees. We prefer 30 as its better for the environment. 

A couple of things to know about your period pants:

  • Period pants love being hand washed, so if you have the time then please do!
  • Fabric conditioner can reduce their absorbency, so steer clear of this if you wash in the machine
  • Period pants don’t like heat- leave them to air dry indoors or outside on the line, but never hang on a radiator or tumble dry.
  • Your period pants can be stored in a wash bag until you’re able to rinse and wash, or in the laundry hamper with other clothes. Don’t worry, they won’t stain anything!

Are period pants sustainable?

WUKA period pants are a very sustainable option and a great solution to the rising crisis currently facing our planet. 

Every year in the UK, 200,000 tonnes of disposable pads and tampons are sent to landfill, with nearly all of this being non-recyclable. In fact, single-use tampons and pads contain up to 90% plastic- bad news also for our oceans, seeing as up to 2 billion menstrual products are flushed down the loo each year too. Read our Carbon Footprint Report to find out more. 

what are period pants

We cannot carry on like this, which is why making the switch to reusable period products is so vital. A single pair of WUKA period pants can be washed and re-used for up to two years, after which they can be recycled. All of our packaging is plastic-free -we use recycled cardboard and compostable bags for all of our orders. By making the switch, and with just one pair of period pants, you have the power to make real, positive changes!

Are period pants effective?

WUKA period pants are an effective and reliable solution for periods- just take a look at a few of our hundreds of five-star reviews and success stories, from customers all over the world. These are real people who have tried WUKA and never looked back. 

Our period pants have been designed so that you can have a comfortable period, confident in the knowledge that we’ve got your back. They’re guaranteed to be leak-proof, with the power to absorb your flow with ease and style- all you need to do is wake up and kick-ass as usual.

In fact, because we’re so sure you’ll love our period pants, we have a 40-day return policy- meaning that you can try a pair and if for any reason you decide they’re not for you, you can return them for a full refund. Don’t wait, try a pair today.