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The Benefits of Swimming On Your Period

Swimming on your period

We get asked the question: “can I swim on my period?” a lot here at WUKA and the answer is a categorical YES! As the end of the year festivities approach, many people across the world will be de-robing and braving the elements for their annual cold water swim. Whilst this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, there are many benefits to swimming in natural waters for your physical, mental and menstrual health. 

We thought we’d dive into the subject and shed some more light on it…

Can you swim on your period? 
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You might not feel like it - but if you do, you certainly can! With the WUKA Perform Swimwear collection, we’ve created an easy and safe way to swim with confidence whilst on your period - with no strings attached! One of the many benefits of collection is not having to worry about getting Toxic Shock Syndrome from a tampon – you can learn more about that here.

Also, by switching to the Swimsuit or Swim Bikini Briefs, you are preventing disposable period products from polluting our oceans. WUKA Period Swimwear protects you from leaks and gives you the peace of mind and freedom to swim whenever you want to. Check out our guide to period swimwear here

So now you're ready to get wet and dive in the pool! If you don’t know where your nearest swimming pool is and you live in the UK, you can search Swim England here, where you can find locations across the UK (Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales are included too). 

What is Freshwater or sea swimming?

First off, you will NOT get eaten by sharks if you swim in the ocean during your period! Read more about the myths around swimming on your period here. If you’re lucky to live near some of the thousands of miles of UK coastline, or near a suitable lake or river, maybe you’ve tried ‘wild swimming’? Being at one with nature, surrounded by trees or a beautiful coastline can be a magical experience! Or it can be a squidgy, muddy, salty, FREEZING, but exhilarating one! 

For those of you who like to make a splash in open waters - whether in a lake, river or in the sea, we definitely recommend making sure you have safe access to and from the water, that the water is safe to swim in, and that the water quality is safe! Unfortunately some water companies are still spewing out sewage.. ewww… so water can be contaminated and lead to water-borne diseases.

Also, the beautiful UK coastline is getting destroyed by menstrual waste. In fact, in The Marine Conservation Society beach clean up, 4 pads, panty liners and backing strips were found for every 100m of beach cleaned, along with 1.2 used tampons and applicators. By switching to WUKA Period Swimwear, you help to tackle this pollution and look after the oceans and beaches. Thankfully, the amazing people at Surfers Against Sewage have a live ‘Check your water quality map’ so you can choose the best place to go for a swim.

Top Tip! Did you know that the salinity of the water changes your buoyancy? You’re more floaty in the sea, so if you’re in freshwater, you may need to work a bit harder to keep your head up! 

After your dip, simply pop your used swimwear into a wetbagchange into your regular period pants and you are good to go! 

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Why swim in cold waters?

Wim Hof has made the benefits of cold water swimming a lot more apparent - as well as dived into finding new research around the benefits of cold water - whether in a shower or ice bath, or water! 

If you’re tempted out into the chilly waters, some great additional considerations are: 

  • Temperature: of course! Did you know, the water temperature can sometimes actually be warmer than the air temperature? Take into consideration wind-chill and that the body loses heat quicker in water though. 
  • Warming up after, make sure you shake off the shivers soon! 
  • Swim in safe water - many beaches won’t have lifeguard off-season (eg RNLI) so please don’t swim in any dangerous water 
  • You can join a cold-water swimming club, and share with friends! Check out this You can list of UK Wild Swimmers groups.

Please note: cold-water swimming isn’t for everyone, and if you have any medical concerns, e.g. heart issues, or other conditions, please check with a medical professional before taking the plunge. 

To sum it up:

Swimming is a fantastic activity to do during your period. It helps to reduce period cramps and boost your mental health (wild swimming is especially good for your mental wellbeing). Use WUKA Period Swimwear to be worry free, secure, and comfortable whilst also protecting our oceans from menstrual waste. 

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No. The water pressure can make the pace of your flow slow down but it does not stop your period. Find out more here.


You definitely can go swimming on your period. If free bleeding is not an option, you can use period products such as a period swimsuit or period swim bikini briefs


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Even if you were free bleeding in the sea you would not attract sharks. Find out more about this myth here.