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Does your skin change on your period?


What You Need To Know About Your Skin and Periods

Throughout our menstrual cycle, our hormone levels can really take a toll on our skin. Depending on the time of the month, you might experience oily skin, dry skin, breakouts or a natural, bright glow. But did you know that you can tailor your skin routine to match your unique cycle?

We’ve been speaking to our friends at natural skincare brand, Urban Veda who create Ayurvedic inspired blends to soothe and support all skin types throughout the menstrual cycle, in line with your dominant ‘dosha’.

Should you change your skincare routine around your cycle?

Urban Veda’s key philosophy of Ayurveda (the ancient Indian holistic wellbeing system) believes in following the natural cycles of not only our external environments (seasons, time of day, geographic location) but also those of our internal environment (gut health, hormonal fluctuations, emotional state).

To help with this, Urban Veda has designed different skincare ranges with an individual ‘dosha’ in mind.


How to take care of your skin on your period?

Doshas are representative of how we feel and hold the universal elements at their crux. For example, the ‘Vata’ dosha is made up of ether and air, whilst the ‘Pitta’ dosha is made up of water and fire, and finally the ‘Kapha’ dosha is a culmination of water and earth.

Day one of your cycle is the first day of your period and this is when you may experience dry sky. This is a great time to use the Radiance Range, the Vata dosha. The Soothing Range is for the Pitta Dosha (perfect for calming down irritation and skin sensitivity, whereas the Purifying range is designed for the Kapha dosha (fantastic for detoxing oily and acne prone skin). Your skin may turn oily after ovulation, during the third week of your cycle and may become acne prone a few days before and during your period. For tired and mature skin, Urban Veda has a tri-doshic range named the Reviving range (a revitalising and conditioning formulation).

How turmeric can bring glow back to your skin

Each range has a key ingredient that compliments the qualities of the dosha it has been assigned.

Turmeric is highlighted in the Radiance Range as it is great for increasing the skin's natural glow, which can be dulled when the Vata dosha is out of balance. Sandalwood is used in the Soothing Range due to its anti-reddening and anti-inflammatory properties, which can help stressed-out skin (a reflection of an out of balance Pitta dosha).


What can you use to calm your sensitive skin?

Neem is included in the Purifying range, harnessing this key ingredient’s cleansing and antibacterial properties, which can help rebalance oil production in Kapha skin. Finally, Rose can be found within the Revitalising range, which can be used to calm even the most sensitive skin.


Using Urban Veda to balance your skin

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