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Period Hacks - Period Life Hacks

Period Hacks | Period Life Hacks | WUKA

We have collated a series of period hacks to get you through your monthly menstrual cycle with minimal disruption to your daily life. Period life hacks here:

Period Life Hacks 

We’re all unique, and it’s no different when it comes to our menstrual cycle. They vary. A lot, in some cases. But whether your period is irregular, you experience period acne or you suffer with menstrual migraines, the fact remains: having a period isn’t always fun. 

Luckily, there are some period life hacks you can try to make it all a little easier each month.

Period pants

Sick of being caught out by an unpredictable flow? Or tired of spending lots of money on single-use, plastic-filled period products that can’t be trusted? You’re not alone and period pants are the answer!

If you know your period is on the way, bring a spare pair with you to change into when you need to. Or, just wear them when you know you’re due. Simple! Period pants are just like normal underwear. You wear them, you bleed into them, you change them. No messing about, no stress and no leaking either.

Swimming on your period

Yes, you can swim on your period - but you might not feel like it. When your period is a little lighter and the cramps have eased, swimming can be a great way to clear the mind and give you body a gentle workout. Our WUKA swimsuit is one of the best swimming on your period hacks out there!

Sleeping on your period

Sleeping on your period can be tricky. But there are some sleeping positions for your period that can really help- especially if period cramps and bloating is keeping you awake at night.

Prioritising sleep is really important for your emotional wellbeing, especially during your period, so aiming to wind down before bed is a really great period hack. Limit screen time, turn the volume down and take some time to properly unwind before you turn in- you might be surprised at how effective this can be.

Period acne

If you suffer with hormonal acne around the time of your period, then don’t skip this part. While there are no magical cures as such, making skincare part of your daily self-care routine can really help. So spend a little extra time cleansing, exfoliating and moisturising, and give your skin some extra TLC when you know your period is about to arrive. 

Period smells

News flash: your vagina is supposed to smell. You do not need perfumed period products or soap to change that. It’s supposed to have a mild odour, one which you probably already recognise as yours. However, if you do notice a different, stronger smell that could be a sign that all is not quite as it should be.

There’s a really delicate balance of bacteria that live in your vagina, keeping everything ticking over nicely and ensuring that the pH balance down there remain stable. If your vagina’s pH balance is disrupted, bacteria can start to overgrow- leading to a bacterial infection or a yeast infection. 

Your vagina is self-cleaning and doesn’t need soap- but it does need space to breath. So avoid tight clothing, synthetic fabrics and always wash and change after exercise. 

Period leaks

One of the most common fears that women have about their menstrual products is leaking. Period leaks, sadly, happen all too often- but it really doesn’t need to be that way! At the risk of repeating ourselves, what you need here to combat embarrassing situations during your period is  period pants! Wear them like your normal underwear, trust the multi-layered gusset to absorb your flow and relax. WUKA is the ultimate period leak hack!

How to get period blood out of clothes

If you do get caught out and get some blood stains on your clothes or bed sheets, here’s a hack that will sort it all out quickly and easily. Cold water. It seems counterintuitive, but trust us. Warm water encourages the proteins in blood to literally set the stain, making it almost impossible to remove. Give the stain a soak if you have time, and remember- cold water only!

Period Hacks | Period Life Hacks | WUKA

Period hacks to reduce bloating

Period bloating is is no fun whatsoever, and for some it’s an inevitable part of a whole host of PMS symptoms each month. Here are some period hacks to help you out when you’re feeling crampy, swollen and miserable.

Stay hydrated on your period

Water, water, water. It might seem strange, seeing as some bloating can be down to your body storing excess water- but staying on top of hydration is key. When your body is hydrated, its more able to let of the water it doesn’t need.

Foods to avoid to reduce bloating

Sometimes bloating is down to excess gas that builds up in the stomach, so avoiding certain foods can help. Here are the top foods to turn down when bloating has you loosening your belt each month:

  • Salty foods- such as pizza, crisps or processed foods. Try to avoid adding extra salt to your meals too
  • Refined carbs- such as white bread, pasta and processed sugars. These foods can increase insulin levels in the bloods, which leads to sodium retention in the kidneys. Not a great combination for bloating!

Instead of reaching for your usual comfort foods, try going for foods rich in potassium instead. Foods such as avocado, banana and sweet potato are known to help decrease sodium levels.

Period hacks to ease cramps

Period cramps are another PMS symptom that many of us suffer with each month, especially in the first few days of bleeding. You’ve probably already tried a range of different remedies, but there are the best ones.

Food to eat to reduce period cramps

Some foods can actually help to ease period cramps. Try dark leafy greens to up your iron intake, which can drastically help to ease cramps and headaches. Foods that are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids are also good for cramps, so eating salmon or chia seeds is also a good idea. 

Finally- and this one is our favourite!- dark chocolate. It's rich in magnesium and high in polyphenols, so it can help to reduce inflammation in the body. It has to be dark though, so invest in some really good quality chocolate and let it work its magic!

Again, avoid sugary, salt and processed foods, as these can make cramps worse.

Period Hacks | Period Life Hacks | WUKA

Drinks to ease period pain

Just as there are foods to avoid when it comes to easing period cramps, there are drinks to avoid too. Sugary, fizzy drinks and energy drinks aren’t great when it comes to reducing inflammation in the body, and sadly alcohol can be a no-no too. Alcohol dehydrates the body, which can lead to muscle spasms and cramps. 

Instead, drink plenty of water, and try ginger, peppermint or green tea. Pineapple juice is also a great option, as it contains a unique enzyme called Bromelaine, which helps to ease muscle tension.

Natural remedies for period cramps

If you don’t want to try over the counter medications for cramps, there are some natural remedies that can work. 

  • Apply heat- this WUKA hot waster bottle is wearable, so perfect for helping to ease cramps
  • Try gentle massage
  • Take some gentle exercise
  • Have a long soak in the tub
  • Have sex or masturbate- orgasms can help relieve cramps for some

Period hacks to ease mood swings

If you suffer from mood swings, low mood or anxiety before your period, or during your period, these are the period life hacks for you. 

Exercise during your period

It might not be top if your list when you’re feeling irritable or sad, but studies such as this one have  actually found that exercising during your period can work wonders for easing PMS. Listen to your body and don’t push yourself too hard, but do get out there and move. 

Exercises such as yoga and walking are perfect. 

Self care during your period

Self care is so important, and especially during your cycle. So this period hack is a really simple, but important, one. Take care of yourself. Be kind to yourself. Give yourself space.

If you want to spend the day curled up on the sofa, then make no apologies for it. You can wake up and kick ass tomorrow. 

Track your cycle

Knowledge is power, so our final period life hack: tracking. Use an app to track your cycle, so that you can be prepared for whatever your period brings you each month. Get to know your body and all the amazing things that it can do!