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How To Manage Periods While Travelling: Period Tips

Period Tips While Travelling

Whether you’re heading to the ski slopes, trekking into the Grand Canyon, camping, or lying by the poolside, being on your period is not something you want to deal with whilst travelling.

It’s only natural to worry about menstruating whilst on vacation. There are a host of things to think about, such as will there be clean and useable toilets, will stomach cramps stop me from enjoying myself, and what if I leak whilst swimming.

Being on your period while travelling can make you feel as though you want to cancel your holiday and hide under the duvet, but of course, it doesn’t have to be a negative experience. There are things you can do to survive your period.

Planning Ahead

Planning ahead can make your period more bearable on holiday. Choosing which menstrual products to take with you is an important choice, so considering what activities you will be doing and how accessible the toilets will be may be necessary.

It may be that you select one or two period products for the duration of the holiday. For example, you could wear a tampon or menstrual cup whilst swimming and period pants for hiking or excursions. That way you won’t have to worry about finding toilet facilities and bins to dispose of used period products.

If you can, select which activities you’d like to do around your menstrual cycle. On your lighter days, you may be happy to use a tampon and go swimming. However, when experiencing a heavier flow, double-up on your period products and wear reusable pants too.

It’s also a good idea to pack wet wipes, zip-lock bags, and hand gel in a toiletry bag. Keeping this in your holiday bag will help you to relax as you’ll know that you are prepared, even if the toilet facilities are not up to scratch.

Packing for holiday

When packing your holiday clothes think about what you will be comfortable in. If you plan to sunbathe, perhaps you’d feel more secure wearing a pair of shorts over your WUKA pants or bikini bottoms. In the evening, you may feel more comfortable in a maxi-dress or linen trousers rather than a short skirt or white jeans.

If you experience heavy periods whilst travelling, it may be a good idea to double-up on the period protection. You could insert a tampon or cup and wear a pad or a pair of period panties for extra protection.

Packing paracetamol and/ or ibuprofen is advised to stop period cramps whilst travelling as they can be difficult to find abroad and may cost you more than you’d pay at home. You may also find that going for a walk or doing some yoga stretches in your hotel room helps ease stomach cramps. Heat pads and fruit teas such as lemon and ginger are also effective ways to manage period pain and bloating.

Lounging in the sun or being physically active can cause dehydration to set in quickly. Making sure you’re drinking enough fluids (non-alcoholic) will ensure that you stay hydrated. Keeping your fluid levels up can reduce period cramps, bloating, headaches, and dizziness.

How To Stop Your Period While Travelling

Delaying your period while travelling is an option for many women. It’s best to speak to your doctor to find out which medication you can take to postpone your period.

If you’re taking the combined contraceptive pill it’s possible you can run two pill packets together. If you haven’t been on the contraceptive pill for long there may be a chance of spotting during the week that you would have had your period. Therefore, it’s a good idea to pack some period products just in case you have a light bleed.

If you’re not using hormonal contraceptives, and it’s too late to start taking them, using a one-off pill containing synthetic hormones will delay your period for 2-3 weeks.

Wrapping it Up

Most women would agree that being on their period during the holiday season wouldn’t be their first choice. However, it shouldn’t be a reason to not enjoy your holiday or even cancel your plans.

The key to having a successful period whilst on holiday is to be prepared and ensuring that you have the right period protection for the activities that you will do that day.

Remember that being on holiday is about taking a break from the normal routine, spending time with friends and family, resting, and enjoying yourself. Don’t let your period take centre stage during your holiday.

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