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How to Deal With Heavy Periods at School

Heavy periods can be common, so learning how to manage them at school is essential. Read our tips for helping your child deal with heavy periods at school.

period pants for first periods at school

Managing heavy periods at school

First periods can be heavy and erratic, but in many cases this does eventually settle down as your child gets older. However, we’re all unique and have different cycles- and for some, a heavy flow is totally normal. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t come with challenges, and it can be tricky figuring out how to manage it all.  

First and foremost, having the right period products to use at school is essential. And while we may be biased, period pants really are a great option for younger girls and teens- and lots of you agree! 

Worn like normal underwear, period pants are easy to use, and there’s a reason why our Teen Stretch™ pants are so popular with teens and parents alike. Made using innovative Stretch™ technology, these pants are multi-size- gently stretching to adjust to every body shape, accommodating bloating and growth spurts with ease and comfort. All while absorbing their flow, completely replacing the need for pads and tampons! 

new Teen Stretch™ Super for heavy periods at school

And for really heavy flows? Introducing our new Stretch™ Super - made for the heaviest of heavy bleeding. Designed with an extra absorbent layer in the gusset (enabling them to hold up to 12 tampons or 8 pads worth of blood), they can be worn for up to 24 hours, so there’s no need to pack loads of pads or tampons into their school bag. And like our other pants, they’re worn just like normal underwear, so they’re discreet and comfy too.

Managing period cramps at school

Heavy bleeding often goes hand in hand with painful cramps (period pain occurs as the uterus contracts to shed the lining during your period- so the heavier the flow, the more painful the cramps). Having a plan of action for managing pain is key.

  • Paracetamol before school is a good idea, and if your child is old enough they can take two more in a sealed container to have later if needed.
  • Drinking plenty of water will help to ease cramps, so taking a reusable bottle to school is essential to stay hydrated.
  • A hot water bottle can help with pain. Some schools may allow your child to hold one against their tummy during lessons- our wearable hot water bottle is a great option because it can be worn securely and discretely under clothes.
  • Wear loose clothing. Not always possible when your child is wearing a school uniform, but you can make sure that underwear is comfy and loose with no waist bands digging in. Our Teen Stretch™ period pants are designed to stretch gently with the body, so even if your child is feeling bloated or has painful cramps, they won’t press against the tummy or feel too tight.
New Teen Stretch™ Super for heavy periods at school

Avoiding leaks at school

Fear of leaking during your period is real, and for that to happen at school is surely what nightmares are made of. And while it’s true that most of us have leaked at some point, that’s not going to reassure a worried teen if their period is really heavy. But fear not, as once again WUKA has got you.

Our new Stretch™ Super really aren’t like other period products- or even other period pants. Not only are they a world-first multi-size solution for growing teens and bloated tummies, but they’re the most absorbent period pants on the market. We’ve taken our gusset to new levels, with four highly absorbent layers and a greater width to ensure a comfy and leak-free fit, without being bulky. We also use Coolmax technology to keep you feeling dry while you’re wearing them- so no wet sensation that can increase the paranoia of leaking. 

If your child is really concerned about leaking, even in our Stretch™ Super, encourage them to take one or two spare pairs to change into throughout the day, using a wash bag to store them in until they get home. 

Changing period pants at school

We get it. School loos aren’t the best places to hang out in and loads of you have told us that many schools are super strict on access to them in the first place. But being able to use the toilet at school is a fight for another day!

Changing period pants at school doesn’t need to be tricky, and if your child has access to a bathroom it can be done quickly and easily. Make sure they take a two pocket wash bag to school so that they can store used pants in one pocket and fresh pants in another. While it might take a little longer than changing a pad, there won’t be any potentially embarrassing crinkling to contend with!

Plus don’t forget that WUKA Stretch™ Super are designed to be worn for up to 24 hours without leaking, without feeling wet and without odour. So if your child feels confident enough, they can wear them all day at school without worrying about changing at all. 

What to do if you don’t have pads/ pants at school

We’ve all been there- your period turns up unexpectedly and you don’t have anything with you to deal with it. And when you’re at school it can be all the more awkward trying to locate a pad or tampon.

The easiest way around this? Keep a spare pair of period pants in their school bag at all times. Help them to track their cycle to get a better idea of when their period is due. Make sure they know how and where to access free period products at school- and encourage them to not be embarrassed about asking for them too. Easier said than done, but the more we educate our children that periods are totally normal and nothing to be ashamed of, the easier this will become.

Can I stay home from school due to period/ period cramps?

Duvet days are just as important as Wake Up and Kick Ass days. But according to Plan UK, almost two million girls aged 14-21 have missed either a full or part day of school due to their period. 13% miss full days at least once a month- with more than a third admitting that they struggle to catch up afterwards. 34% of these girls stay home because they’re worried about leaking, and 66% say that physical symptoms such as cramps keep them at home. 

girls miss school due to their period

So that’s a staggering 64% of girls missing out on vital education, experiences and opportunities just because of their period. So while it may be tempting to let your child stay home when their cramps are intense and their bleeding is super heavy, doing this regularly really can have a negative impact overall.

We know that heavy and painful periods are common, and so many of you told us your daughters were struggling each month.

In a nutshell, that’s why we designed new Teen Stretch™ Super- so that less girls need to miss out on school because of their period. So that instead, we can inspire and empower them to always strive for their full potential, and to always have confidence in the products they use to manage their period.


 Heavy periods at primary school

There is research that suggests girls are reaching puberty and starting their period younger than ever before, and many of you have been in touch to tell us your daughters were as young as nine when their first period appeared. 

As mentioned above, first periods can be heavy and erratic, but this usually settles down over time. That said, If your child's period does seem very heavy, make an appointment with the GP to find out what the cause could be. 

Honest and open conversations with your child will help them to learn more about what to expect with their period and how to manage it at school. Over time they'll get to know their flow- but they'll need support from you to being with, so let them know you're there whenever they need to talk. 

It might also be a good idea to have a quick word with the class teacher, to make sure they know how to access period products at school if they need them.

First period Kit

Building a first period kit is a great way to get your child feeling more comfortable about their period, and our First Period Starter Kit  contains everything you and your child need to navigate it all, including a free copy of our WUKA x Rebel Girls book ‘Growing Up Powerful: the Periods and Puberty Edition.’ 

When to see a doctor about heavy periods

Heavy periods might be normal for your child. The NHS defines a heavy period as:

  • Needing to chaining pads or tampons every 1-2 hours
  • Needing to double up on period products 
  • Periods that last longer than 7 days
  • Passing blood clots bigger than the size of a 10p coin
  • Regularly liking through clothes or bedsheets
  • Feeling like you need to avoid usual activities such as sports or school
  • Regularly feeling very tired and/ or short of breath

It's important to know that heavy periods could lead to iron-deficiency anaemia. This is a common condition amongst menstruating women, and can have a range of symptoms such as fatigue, lack of energy, shortness of breath, pale skin, headaches and heart palpitations, if your child experiences any of these symptoms alongside heavy periods, make an appointment to see the GP to discuss.

Sometimes, heavy bleeding can be a sign of other conditions- such as PCOS, uterine fibroids, Endometriosis or Adenomyosis. If you suspect there could be an underlying cause for your child’s heavy flow, make an appointment with the GP to request some tests that can help you find out more.  

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Are heavy periods normal?

Period flows vary from person to person, so a heavy flow may be normal for you. Heavy periods are very common, and not always a sign that something is wrong. Check with your doctor if you're concerned. 

What does it mean if my period is heavy?

In most cases, having a heavy flow can be completely normal for you. If you're concerned and you're regularly bleeding through to your clothing and doubling up on period protection, make an appointment to see your doctor.

How much period blood do Super Heavy Pants Hold?

NEW Stretch™ Period Pants For Super Heavy Flow absorb 60ml of blood - the equivalent of 12 regular tampons and 8 pads.

Are these suitable for wearing at school?

Absolutely, these were made for wearing on long days at school, trips and even sleepovers. Due to the double absorbant inner gusset, these pants absorb so much more period blood meaning you can wear them for up to 24hrs. Change them as soon as you start to feel wet- remember everyone's flow is different!

What is CoolMax Technology?

CoolMax™ Absorbent Technology fabric is used features in the top two layers gusset offering faster absorption for less chance of leaks and odours as well as faster-drying time post washing.