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Seamless Period Pants | Go Seamless | WUKA

Our WUKA Perform Seamless period pants are a midi-brief style, black pants. Shop online, available in sizes between 2XS- 4XL and come in all 3 flows.

What are Seamless Period Pants?

When it comes to everyday underwear, there are a few things that should come as standard. Comfort, style and fit are all essential- after all, we want to feel nice, and we want our underwear to support us, but also to serve us too. And despite a whopping 59% of you telling us that you opt for ‘big granny knickers’ when you have your period, these things are all just as important when it comes to period underwear too. 

Fear of leaking and VPL are some of the main concerns that our customers have shared with us. We want to make every person feel comfortable when they have their period, hence with this in mind we have created WUKA Seamless. 

How are the Period Pants Seamless?

To create the seamless edges, we heat bond the material, and this leaves an incredibly smooth, silky, and soft-to-touch feel. Don’t worry. the fabric remains breathable, hugs the body with great elasticity, and cannot be seen through clothing- so you can wear leggings, skirts or trousers with a seamless look. 

Yes, you really can achieve a smooth, seamless look even while on your period!

When Should I Wear Seamless Period Pants?

The drive behind Seamless Period Pants came from a BBC survey of elite British sportswomen, who were asked whether or not they had ever been held back due to their period. A staggering 59.8% said yes. That’s almost 60% of British sportswomen who have missed training or competitions due to their period- and we want to change this.

We want you to be confident in wearing your seamless pants when participating in all sports activities. We want you to wear your seamless period pants with pride. We want you to go our there a kick ass! 

Of course, our WUKA seamless period pants aren’t just for elite sportswomen! They’re also great to wear under workwear, or if you have a party to attend and want to wear fitted or tight clothing - they support you to ensure you look and feel your best- even while on your period.

What are the benefits of Seamless Period Pants?

Like all our period pants, WUKA Seamless are moisture wicking, which means that period blood and sweat is drawn away from the body thanks to the multi-layered gusset. This leaves you feeling dry and comfortable, cuts down on odour and reduces the risk of infection too.

Seamless period pants adapt to your body, moving with you and without restriction- so you can wear them with confidence during workouts without compromising your performance. 

What Does Research Say About Periods and Exercise?

Seamless Period Pants | Go Seamless | WUKA

A further survey carried out by Betty For Schools reported that almost half (46%) of women they spoke to opted out of school sports lessons when on their period, with 39% even saying that fear of leaking was a serious concern. Furthermore, around a quarter also said they feared their sanitary pads being visible to others, while 74% stated that period shame was one of the main barriers for girls participating in school sports. This is simply unacceptable!

We want to ensure that with the WUKA Seamless range, no one has to skip out on education because of their period. With the arrival of our new WUKA Perform Seamless, we want you to have seamless sports performances any day of the month.

Everything You Need to Know About the WUKA Perform Range

Our WUKA Perform™ collection is pretty special, even if we do say so ourselves. Each item in this collection features active fabrics and construction, so you can free flow and stay active- helping you exercise in confidence during your period.

Our sport period underwear has perfect absorbency for your flow too. Choose your size from XXS to 6XL. We also have our best selling WUKA period leggings and sports shorts too, plus our period swimsuit for lighter days and lengthy pool laps. 

Why is it called the Perform Range?

We called it the Perform range for one very simple reason: because we believe that even on your period, you deserve your best performance- your period should not hold you back!

Whether it’s continuing with your yoga classes, at-home workouts, gardening, working or going to school; you should feel comfortable and confident that your period pants are leak-free. And why compromise on style either? 

Our Perform period pants are seamless so that they move with you, not against you- and still give you that ultimate, sleek look. No need for bulky, big granny knickers!

What is Recycled Nylon?

We’re so proud that WUKA Seamless are the world’s first period pants made using recycled nylon- but what exactly is it and why have we used it?

Seamless Period Pants | Go Seamless | WUKA

Recycled nylon is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional nylon, which is commonly used in sportswear. Sadly though, a lot of garments made from nylon are ultimately non-biodegradable, and as a result can end up in landfill or polluting our oceans. That’s what we use only recycled nylon- a large part of which comes from old fishing nets and the millions of plastic bottles that are used and thrown around the world every day.

By recycling nylon, we can divert waste from the ocean, as well as make good use out of nylon carpets, tights and plastic rescued from used plastic bottles. Using recycled nylon also prevents waste from landfills, and its production uses much fewer resources than virgin nylon (including using less water, energy and fossil fuel). 

So our Perform range is not only silky smooth and soft to the touch, but it’s gentle on the planet too. 

What Certifications Does Recycled Nylon Have?

Our recycled nylon has been certified by the Global Recycled Standard (GRS). The organisation tracks and verifies the content of the recycled materials in a final product.

This includes the full supply chain, addresses traceability, environmental principles, social requirements, chemical content and labelling. As always, WUKA remains transparent about our materials and our support for the economy that reduces waste, by using it to make new products.

How to Look After Your Seamless Period Pants

You can wear our WUKA Perform Seamless period pants for up to 8 hours, confident that you will be leak-free and comfortable. After wear, run the pants under cold water until the water runs clean and then wash in your washing machine with other similarly coloured clothes.

We recommend you choose an eco, 30 degrees wash option, but should you wish, you can wash the pants in up to 40 degrees. Remember no tumble drying and no fabric softeners, simply air dry inside out on a radiator or outside and once dry wear again! For more information, check out our guide to washing and drying period pants.

Surfers Against Sewage

Seamless Period Pants | Go Seamless | WUKA

Surfers Against Sewage is a national marine conservation and campaigning charity that inspires, unites and empowers communities to take action to protect oceans, beaches, waves and wildlife. They’re passionate about protecting and keeping the oceans clean and creating positive changes that benefit the future of our environment. 

Why We Support Surfers Against Sewage

According to this 2018 report, period products are 5th most polluting items found in the oceans; on average, between 1.5 - 2 billion period products are being flushed down the toilet each year. And when the sewers become blocked with pads and tampons, they then end up in our rivers, seas and beaches- affecting the delicate ecosystems and marine life.

As part of 2021’s Environmenstrual Week campaign, we partnered up with Surfers Against Sewage because we too love the ocean and want to keep it clean. To support all the work that the charity is doing, we donated 1% of all profit from our Seamless Period Pants for the whole of 2021!

Ahead of the campaign, Amy Slack, Head of Campaigns and Policy at Surfers Against Sewage, said: 

“A percentage of the profits from the WUKA Perform Seamless range will be going towards helping us do the work we do: taking action to protect the ocean, beaches, waves and wildlife. Together, we want to clean up the ocean and work towards a collective goal to end single-use plastic on UK beaches by 2030.”