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Do Periods Make You Gain Weight?

Do Periods Make You Gain Weight?

We all know the feeling, right? You’re just days away from your period, you can feel cramps starting to kick in and your jeans just won’t zip up. And then bam! Your period arrives and now nothing fits- you’re convinced you’ve gained five pounds overnight. Relax. And throw away the scales. Because they aren't telling you the truth one little bit. 

What causes weight gain during menstruation?

So do you gain weight during your period? Yes and no. 

We recommend throwing away the scales because there’s a really good chance that you'll see an increase in your weight during this time- and, frankly, who needs that negativity in their life? But also, we recommend it because the scales aren’t to be trusted. They’ll tell you you’ve gained weight, because your total body mass has increased, but they won’t tell you why the numbers have gone up- or what it means.

Does PMS make you gain weight?

During your period, your body is already preparing for the next cycle, so levels of oestrogen are rising and the follicular phase is beginning. As these changes take place, lots of PMS symptoms are likely to occur due to the imbalance of hormones- and one major symptom so many of us experience is bloating. Also known as water retention. And so your body mass increases, the scales tell you so, and you feel rubbish.

Do Periods Make You Gain Weight?

But if your scales could talk, they’d be able to tell you that the weight gain you’re seeing isn’t fat. It’s going to take a LOT longer than a few hours to gain five pounds of fat. In fact, the extra weight is more likely to be made up of water that your body is keeping hold of, and will later release when things settle down again. Period bloating is normal!

Do cravings make you gain weight?

It’s worth pointing out here that cravings have a role to play with with weight gain during your period too. If you regularly eat to excess during your period, you will put on weight. It might not be overnight like the scales are trying to convince you, but it will make a difference for most. 

So while we’d never suggest skipping the chocolate when you really need some, we do recommend more of a 80/20 approach to comfort foods and treats if weight gain is an issue for you.

What causes period bloating?

Period bloating is a result of hormonal changes, an increase of gas in your gut, and water retention. All of these delights are common during your period and for many, bloating is just part and parcel of the menstrual cycle. Some of us also experience period cramps that make the abdomen area feel tight and/ or swollen, when in reality it’s not bloated at all. 

Period bloating can happen from up to a week before your period starts, and it usually eases a few days after menstruation begins.

Do Periods Make You Gain Weight?

If you suffer from period bloating, try to watch what you eat, as some foods and drinks are known to make it worse. Avoid processed foods and meals that are high in salt and sugar, and skip the fizzy drinks and caffeine too. If you suffer from IBS, you might find your symptoms increase during your period, so avoiding trigger foods is a good idea. 

How to ease period bloating

Period bloating is not fun. Try maintaining a healthy and balanced diet, and make sure you do some form of gentle exercise too, to help ease water retention. Swimming is great for this, as the water will gently support you and provide comfort from cramps. And yes, you can swim on you period- wear our period swimsuit to catch the leaks before you hit the pool. 

Do Periods Make You Gain Weight?

We also recommend ditching the jeans for a few days, just until your bloating has eased and they feel comfortable again. There’s nothing worse than having your period, feeling bloated and trying to squeeze into rigid and unforgiving fabrics! Which brings us on to period pants. 

You’re going to need a good pair of high waisted pants to gently support your tummy- we recommend our super soft Stretch Seamless for a second-skin feel and 100% leak-proof guarantee. These pants will accommodate any period ‘weight gain’ and boating, so you don’t need to size up or struggle with underwear that just doesn’t get it.

do periods make you gain weight?


WUKA Flex are also multi-sized, with movable sliders that accommodate bloating and swelling with ease. And the Flex bikini have detachable straps so that you can  change quickly and easily without undressing. The Flex collection is ideal if you find that your size and shape fluctuates throughout your cycle,  but you don't like the feel of high waisted period pants.

do periods make you gain weight?

Multi-size period pants are a brilliant option if your weight does fluctuate throughout your cycle. One of the main reasons why our customers return their pants is due to sizing errors, resulting in frustration and added costs that could have been avoided. WUKA Stretch and Flex tackle sizing inequalities, meaning that not only do you know for sure you've got the right size, but if your size/ shape does change you don't need to fork out for more period pants as a result. 

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Why do I weigh more on my period?

Lots of people experience bloating during their period, and this can make you feel swollen and puffy. It can also make the scales go up- but the increase is down to water retention, and not fat. 

Any weight gain related to period bloating is temporary and should settle down again a few days after your period ends. 

How can I avoid gaining weight on my period?

There are steps you can take to avoid period bloating, but for lots of us it’s a normal PMS symptom. You can ease bloating by avoiding heavily processed food and drink and by exercising regularly. Try to avoid overeating and stick to foods that you know are less likely to cause excess gas. 

Remember that some fluctuation of the scales is normal, so rather than avoiding gaining weight during your period, it could be a better idea to avoid the scale instead. 

How much weight gain during period?

The amount of weight you gain during your period can vary from person to person- anywhere from 1 to five pounds is normal.