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Celebrating Body Positivity- Laetitia

Celebrating Body Positivity With Some Amazing Influencers- Laetitia

Today is Body Positivity Day and we thought it would be a great opportunity to ask some fabulous women their views on body positivity and how they’ve overcome challenges.

Before we get into the nitty-gritty. what is body positivity? Body positivity is a social movement that believes that everyone should have a positive view of their body. However, it also challenges the way that society perceives and presents people’s bodies, for example, images on social media, in fitness clubs, advertisements, and in magazines etc.

Body positivity day wants to advocate for everyone to accept their body’s regardless of the colour, shape, form, appearance, or size. Body positivity also includes period positivity, as periods are a part of our bodies too. We want to ensure that when you are on your period, you are as comfortable as possible and can continue to do all the things you would normally do when you're not bleeding. This is why we continue to introduce new products, such as our swim bikini so you can do all your fun water activities, or our WUKA High Waist for the days when you feel bloated and want to be as comfortable as you can.

Firstly, we checked in with Laetitia, founder and CEO of @curatedbygirls (CBG) to ask her views on body positivity. Laetitia is an artist, musician, and composer, she uses social media to connect with others through her artwork.

Laetitia’s mission with @curatedbygirls ‘...is to empower womxn through ART! Help girls grow and find their own feminine side. CBG gives a voice to under-represented artists, especially female-identifying artists. Everyday we showcase creators that challenge stereotypes through their experience, vision, and reality. Each perspective matters.

Body positivity is primordial in one’s journey towards harmony. Everybody deserves to be represented, and celebrated! This powerful movement is a direct response to our society’s absolutely unrealistic body image.

Unfortunately, our codes are in the fast communication, the first impression! From a young age we hear about beauty, about being successful, it is a lot of pressure and if you are not in the so-called ‘norms’, well, it’s going to be tough.

Body positivity is part of a more global journey in oneself’s lifetime. We all struggle no matter our size, our race, our social condition. We suffer because our society is not helping oneself to find its own balance. You need to fit or you are out! You need to be “this” or “that” and find any solution to get to what society dictates you, which is absurd because you probably won’t find what you’re looking for there. It’s a mirage. You can be successful and still be in pain!

So yes, Loving yourself is primordial and it is a rebellious act… Love yourself the way you are and if you feel like doing something: Go for it!  

Maya Spencer-Berkeley @mbajsb photographed by Rosie Alice @rcafoster

Pic Credit: Maya Spencer-Berkeley @mbajsb photographed by Rosie Alice @rcafoster

Have you or do you struggle with an aspect of your body? Did social media influence your views?

I did struggle in the past, especially in my teenage years. I looked very young, compared to my friends who were already looking like young women. My classmates were entering puberty at around 11, for me it was “no show”. My first period only arrived at the age of 18. I was healthy, my body was just not ready, and taught me about PATIENCE :)

I felt different. I kept it mostly a secret because I was ashamed… I thought I wasn’t “feminine” for a long time. But after a while, I realised femininity belongs to everyone, and it is oh sooo very diverse.

I’m glad I had dance, art, and music as a real passion which helped me discover something else then just appearance and helped me focus on deeper levels.

Our society is (still) very sexist and sexy shapes oriented, and it’s in your face all the time. You need to deal with your own traumas.

With social media, you understand we are many to struggle and how important it is to empower and help each other. It can have a huge impact!

Have you overcome the negative view of your body?

I guess life is not that simple. It’s a little roller coaster, sometimes you feel better with yourself, and sometimes less. The funny part is when you are a teenager you hate yourself and you desperately want to become a better version of yourself; then, growing older, you understand you’re actually going in the wrong direction, and you’d better re-learn who you were in the first place, and also, looking at your throwback pictures, when you were younger, you are like « wow, I was not bad ». Isn’t it ironic?

There is this myth of youth, in our society, which is stupid. Because, young people are not given a voice, they are just raised to perpetuate what older generations have done.

I guess, my path now is more about re-discovering who I am and trying to enjoy every bit of it

What advice would you give to other girls and women about their bodies if they're struggling to accept themselves?

I would say, don’t waste too much time wishing you were somebody else, or different. You are who you are, the way you are. And that’s what’s special about you!

Forget about fitting into a category! you are YOU. Acceptance is a process. It takes time, but worth taking.

Respect yourself as much as you respect others and vice-versa. It’s a process that goes hand in hand. And interacting with other people is very important to help you discover yourself.

Also, we have to keep in mind that we are on this earth for a moment so we might as well enjoy. Yes enjoy life, enjoy every bit of it, be open-minded, do things you are afraid of doing, get out of your comfort zone… and of course, don’t pay too much attention to all the rude people out there.

Being Hateful doesn’t do good to anyone.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?  

The biggest hassle I had was my “shyness”. I was extremely shy as a kid. I realise now I’ve wasted so much time being shy. This anxiety was preventing me to do so many things.

It’s an ongoing battle with shyness, It’s not something that goes away completely, its a part of me, but I guess I got tired of it with time, and I feel so much more confident now thanks to life, experiences, travels, work etc.

But I still have struggles sometimes. Our society is (still) very sexist and sexy shapes oriented, and it’s in your face all the time. You need to deal with your own traumas. With social media, you understand we are many to struggle and how important it is to empower and help each other. It can have a huge impact!