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Bedtime Routines To Sleep Better On Your Period

WUKA Overnight Period Pants

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Getting a good night's sleep is crucial for your overall health and well-being but periods often create havoc when it comes to sleeping. Learn more about the period sleep gap here. We specially designed WUKA Overnight Period Pants to provide you with a comfy and leakproof night. But how can you ease your body and mind into sleep? Well, a crucial way to improve your sleep quality is to create a sleep routine that helps you wind down and prepare for sleep. Read on to learn how to create a sleep routine that will make bedtime peaceful, even when you're on your period. 

What is a bedtime routine? 

WUKA Overnight Period Pants

Bedtime routines, also known as sleep rituals, are a set of activities that you do before bedtime to signal to your body that it's time to sleep. These activities can vary from person to person, but they should be relaxing and help you unwind after a long day. 

It's important to establish a consistent bedtime routine, as it provides a sense of structure, meaning that your body can get used to the routine and know when it's time to nod off. A way to make a strong sleep routine is by building associations with your senses. For example, using the same hand lotion every night will help your mind associate the smell of the lotion with sleep. Clever, right?  To create a sleep routine that works for you, try to stick to a consistent bedtime and wake up time. Also, have a think about what activities help you unwind.

When it comes to sleeping on your period, you can tweak the routine to ease the hassle that can come along with menstruation. For instance, to stop period problems in their tracks include WUKA Overnight Period Pants in your bedtime routine. Find out more about why we launched WUKA Overnight here

Tips from a sleep expert:

What would you recommend to sleep better on your period?

"Being aware of your cycle is useful. Prioritise rest, especially in the week leading up to your period. Create some relaxing bedtime rituals in the lead up to bedtime - a bath with magnesium salts can help calm cramps, and some mindfulness and meditation to help you sleep. You may experience food cravings but trying to avoid sugary foods close to bedtime, or in fact eating too close to bedtime at all. Sleeping on a full tummy can be difficult! 

Getting lots of fresh air and gentle exercise during the day can improve cramps, and getting outside in the natural light will help your circadian rhythm (our internal body clock), to know when to go to sleep at night. Avoiding caffeine and alcohol can also help, as they are sleep disruptors. Keeping a regular sleep and wake time will also help you to work with your body."

- Rosey Davidson Sleep Consultant, Founder & CEO, Just Chill Baby Sleep

What should you include in your period sleep routine? 

WUKA Overnight Period Pants

WUKA Ultimate High Waist Overnight Period Pants

In your sleep routine, include switching out of your day clothes and into clothes for nighttime wear. When you're on your period, use WUKA Overnight Period Pants as a part of your period sleep routine. They are the best form of period protection for bedtime because they are comfortable, leakproof, carbon neutral and can be worn all night. WUKA Ultimate Overnight Period Pants, have the power to absorb heavy period flow, light incontinence or postpartum bleeding.

They are a complete tampon and pad replacement - they absorb around 8 tampons or 6 pads worth of period blood and can be worn for up to 12 hours when needed! The super absorbent layer aka the gusset, goes all the way to the back waistline, keeping you fresh and protected all night long. WUKA Ultimate Overnight Period Pants are made from sustainably sourced Tencel™ which is 3.5x softer than cotton. They also have sleek mesh panels on the side, giving you breathability and freedom as you get your needed rest. Rock them in a comforting high waist or midi brief style.

With WUKA Ultimate Overnight Period Pants, you can say goodbye to sleepless nights and leaks on the sheets. They are an essential addition to a sleep routine when you are on your period. For a limited time, get 10% OFF WUKA Ultimate Overnight Period Pants here.

A tension reliever 

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Having a warm shower or bath is a great way to wash away the day and get you in to sleepy mode. The warmth also helps to relieve period cramps, and soothe tight muscles and you can add epsom or magnesium salts to the bath for an extra boost of relaxation. When you get out of the warm shower/bath your body temperature will quickly cool down which encourages your mind and body to become sleepy. 

Sometimes, period pain can be so bad that you can’t sleep. To really relax your body and soothe period pain, we recommend applying Forage Botanicals’ Moon Time Belly Balm wherever you have cramps after a hot bath, and then placing a WUKA Wearable Hot Water Bottle on top. You’ll thank us later! 

Relaxing activities 

Swap scrolling through social media with an activity that will actually help you sleep better! There are tons of options to choose from. Find what you like best and include those activities in your sleep routine. Some great bedtime activities include:

WUKA Overnight Period Pants
  • Listen to music or a podcast. A lot of people listen to music to help them sleep - 62% in fact. Make sure you choose a genre of music or podcast that you find relaxing. 
  • Read a book or listen to an audiobook. Move away from stressful thoughts and get immersed in a book. We love Period Power by Maisie Hill.
  • Get colouring. Believe it or not, colouring isn't just for kids. Doing some peaceful colouring can help you chill out before bed.
  • Do some gentle yoga and meditation.Taking a moment to stretch out your body and focus on your breathing makes you feel more relaxed and gives you a chance to banish racing thoughts.

 A cosy warm drink 

As a part of your bedtime routine, have a warm drink and take a moment to ground yourself. However, make sure you avoid caffeinated drinks and don't drink too close to your bedtime - you don’t want to be going to the toilet all night! Warm drinks are great at relaxing your body and mind -  they can cause your blood vessels to expand, helping blood circulation which can make you feel more relaxed. Learn more about drinks that reduce period cramps here.

Forage Botanicals’ vegan chai latte blend, Rested Resilience, is the ultimate drink for your sleep routine because it resets your nervous system from the effects of long term stress and is spiced with warming cinnamon and nutmeg giving that cosy feel. The natural ingredients help to ease anxiety, helping to rid your mind of worries and sleep easy. Also, use these Premenstrual Peace Drops before bed, to lighten PMS symptoms and reduce short term anxiety. For a limited time, get 20% OFF at Forage Botanicals with the code: WINTER22 and get these anxiety busting bedtime routine essentials. 

In conclusion, creating a sleep routine can improve your sleep and overall well-being. By choosing activities that help you relax and unwind, and establishing a consistent routine, you can set yourself up to sleep better and easier every night, even when you're on your period.

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WUKA Overnight Period Pants


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Can a bad sleep schedule affect your period? 

Yes. Having a bad sleep schedule can make it more difficult for you to sleep and this can then have an effect on your period. 

How to get a bedtime routine? 

Establish a bedtime routine by choosing what relaxing activities you will do in the evening to ease your mind into sleeping. Read the article above to learn more. 

How to sleep comfortably on periods? 

To sleep comfortably on your period, you should wear leakproof protection, that doesn't need readjusting and is comfortable, like WUKA Overnight Period Pants. Also to soothe period pain, we recommend applying heat to your tummy using a WUKA Wearable Hot Water Bottle and sleeping in the fetal position which takes pressure off of your abdominal muscles.

Why should I choose Overnight period pants over tampons and pads?

WUKA Overnight Period Pants are designed specifically for sleeping on your period, even if you have a heavy flow. They absorb the equivalent of 6 disposable pads and provide the extra coverage, comfort and leakproof protection that you need at bedtime. Also, each pair of WUKA period pants saves 200 single-use plastic-riddled disposables (aka plastic pads and tampons) from polluting our ocean or going to landfill! 

How to sleep on your period to prevent leaking? 

With WUKA Overnight, you can sleep easy knowing that you are fully protected from leaks. There is no need to sleep in certain positions or readjust.

What are comfortable positions to sleep in on your period?

When wearing WUKA Overnight Period Pants, you are protected from leaks no matter the position you sleep in. Sleeping in the fetal position can help to take pressure off of your abdominal muscles, helping to relieve period cramps. 

What are comfortable positions to sleep in on your period?

When wearing WUKA Overnight Period Pants, you are protected from leaks no matter the position you sleep in. Sleeping in the fetal position can help to take pressure off of your abdominal muscles, helping to relieve period cramps.