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A Guide To Period Swimwear

quackery swim towel for swimming on your period

When you think about swimming on your period your brain is probably filled with images of shark attacks and blood trails. Let us reassure you - if you swim on your period you will NOT attract sharks or turn the pool red! Honestly, there are so many myths surrounding swimming during your period - we even wrote about it. Now that we have that straightened out, let’s talk swimming on your period, and how period swimwear should be your new bestie.

Should I go swimming on my period? 

You have plans to go for a swim when your period strikes. What are you going to do? Do you need to cancel now? No!

Firstly, your period (or period shameshouldn't stop you from going to that pool party, wild swim or water sports event. It is absolutely possible to go for a swim when you're on your period. In fact, exercise such as swimming can be a fantastic way to alleviate period cramps

So, does your period stop in the water? No. The flow of your period can slow down when you swim because of the water pressure, but it does not stop! Movement can actually speed up the flow of your period too. Overall, swimming doesn’t affect the flow of your period much. But don't worry! Period swimwear is the flow absorbing answer.

The bottom line: You absolutely can go swimming during your period, it even could be beneficial and reduce period pain.

The Story Behind WUKA SWIM: 

Ruby Raut, WUKA Co- Founder and CEO

I was a late bloomer—I didn't learn to swim until I was 23! When I moved to the UK, I took lessons—but when my period came, I was in trouble. I tried using tampons and it was the first and last time. They were so uncomfortable and felt so drying, so after that, I just skipped my lesson when my period came.

I was definitely not alone. After starting WUKA, we were getting 100s of messages from parents worried about their kids missing swimming classes or feeling left out on holiday because they had their periods. And that’s when the idea for WUKA Swimwear made a splash—fully absorbent period swimwear that lets you hit the beach or pool worry-free, leak-free and confident.” 

- Ruby Raut, WUKA Co-Founder & CEO

Why wear period swimwear? 

Leak proof 

Unlike disposable pads, the water repellent outer layer of period swimwear means that the absorbent gusset will be kept securely away from the water, so that it's ready to absorb your period. WUKA Period Swimwear is perfect for your light/medium flow days. The absorbent gusset holds about 15ml of blood which is 2 small tampons worth. With period swimwear you can focus on having fun in the pool, rather than worrying about needing to change your tampon for fear of leaks. 

Comfortable And Easy

WUKA  Swim High Waist Style Light Flow Deep Pink Colour Full Front

With WUKA Period Swimwear you can forget your period as it is just the same as slipping on your usual swimwear. WUKA Period Swimwear has elasticity which provides you with the power to move freely and splash around to your heart's content. 


WUKA period pants are scientifically proven to be at least five times less damaging than disposable alternatives, such as pads and tampons. Switching to reusable period products will reduce your carbon footprint and stop more waste filling up a landfill. Another bonus is that WUKA Period Swimwear is made from recycled nylon! 


Period products that you have to insert into the vagina, such as tampons and menstrual cups come with health risks such as internal irritation and Toxic Shock Syndrome. Whereas, products you wear such as period pants and period swimwear do not come with these health complications. The last thing you want to be thinking about when you're swimming is getting Toxic Shock Syndrome! With period swimwear you can head to the pool, secure and worry free.

WUKA period racerback swimsuit - optimised for performance making it perfect for sports and outdoor activities


Ditching the disposables and welcoming reusable period products is not only a fantastic choice for the environment, it also is a great choice for your wallet. Investing in reusable period pants can make a huge difference in the long run. Over two years, you could save up to 47% by switching from the leading tampon brand and up to 35% from the leading pad brand.

Overall, period swimwear is a brilliant way to make your period swim sesh better for you and kinder for the environment.

How do you use period swimwear?

It’s much simpler to use period swimwear than fiddling about with tampons and menstrual cups as you just put it on like your normal swimwear! Once you have your period swimwear on it's time to go swim, win that water sport competition or chill on the poolside (if that’s more your thing!).

When you want to dry off and get changed, swap your period swimwear to period pants and pop your swimwear into a wet bag. When you are ready to, rinse your period swimwear with cold water and then simply put them in the washing machine on a cold wash setting. If your washing machine doesn't have a cold setting, hand washing is the best alternative. Next, air dry your period swimwear. Tip: hang it up inside out as it will dry quicker.  Once it’s dry, your period swimwear is completely ready for you to rock on your next trip to the pool. Learn more about looking after your period swimwear here.

Choosing A Style

new WUKA swim tops to mix & match with period proof bikini bottoms

WUKA Period Swimwear comes in sizes XS to 6XL and in different styles - the classic Swimsuit, the Swim Bikini Brief and the swim tops, which you can mix & match.

The adult bikini tops have a halter neck design which ties at the back, while the teen swim top has a crop top design. Both are UV resistant and made from recycled nylon. 

The WUKA Period Swimsuit comes in two style. The Racerback is a sleek one-piece with padded cups and a cute diamond back cut. It provides modest coverage for your bum and is figure flattering for all body types. The Scoop Back is similar, but with a rounded scoop back design.

The WUKA Swim Bikini Brief is lightweight and perfect to wear on its own or under your favourite swimwear. There are two styles for adults - classic bikini brief, and high waist. All are available for both adults and teens in a range of gorgeous colours, not just black (although that is a classic) -  blue, green, deep pink and purple.

With WUKA Period Swimwear, you can go swimming on your period feeling chic, protected from leaks and free to move about as much as you need. 

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Does your period stop when you swim? 

No. The water pressure can make the pace of your flow slow down but it does not stop your period. Find out more here.

Can you go swimming while you’re on your period?

You definitely can go swimming on your period. If free bleeding is not an option, you can use period products such as a period swimsuit or period swim bikini briefs

Will swimming help with period cramps?

Exercise, including swimming, can be a great way to alleviate period pain and cramps. Learn more about it here

Will swimming on your period attract sharks? 

Even if you were free bleeding in the sea you would not attract sharks. Find out more about this myth here.