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5 Benefits of Period Pants


Here are 5 Benefits of Using Period Pants

Getting your period means multiple things, and it's different for everybody. It can mean mood swings, cravings, discomfort, period pains, cramps, increased libido, decreased and / or increased hunger, and other symptoms. So to help make your period a more comforting and convenient monthly experience, we're encouraging you to try period pants! 


1. They're extremely comfortable 

Period pants are literally just pants! That absorb your period flow. We wear underwear daily, and if you don't, that's okay too. So imagine, being on your period and not having to change anything from your daily routine. You hop out the shower, reach for your underwear drawer and just pull on a pair of pants but these are superhero pants because they keep you leakfree and comfy all day. 

Because WUKA period pants are made from sustainable materials such as Tencel™ , which is three times softer than cotton, you're actually going to experience even more comfort than you expected! 

Many have voiced that tampons actually contribute to period cramps. Period pants however, don't add to pains. We're here to provide as much comfort as possible. Try a pair of High Waisted period pants for the days you feel extra bloated so it feels like you're getting a hug all day instead of trying to breathe in tight jeans. 


2. They're a more sustainable way to bleed 

Did you know that every pair of WUKA period pants is equivalent to saving 200 plastic disposable period products? Not only are you saving yourself from having to purchase a box of tampons or pads every month, but you're also saving landfills from being overfilled with plastic disposables - which take up to 500 years to decompose! 

Also, WUKA are the first carbon neutral + period pants, so you're also reducing your carbon footprint. Find out more about how period pants are sustainable here. 


3. They cater to your flow 

Much like the different absorbencies in pads and tampons, period pants are designed to absorb different amounts of blood. 

WUKA period pants range from light to super heavy flow, in different styles. Everybody's period is different, which is why our period pants have a variety of styles too. 

From High Waist super heavy flow to a Thong (yes, a period thong!) in light flow, we've got you covered.


4. They're non-invasive 

Some individuals find it uncomfortable to insert a tampon or a menstrual cup, and that's okay! Everybody's preference differs. With period pants, it's a simple case of pulling up a pair of pants and swapping into a different pair after a few hours of wear (depending on your flow). 


5. They're made to fit

WUKA range from 2XS - 6XL, and we're proud of that! Not only do we have different absorbencies of flow, but we craft our period pants to fit you and your bodies for maximum comfort whilst keeping you feeling super stylish.

There's nothing worse than feeling like you're wearing a nappy or being constantly reminded that you're on your period just because you're wearing something different because you're on your period. So we've kept you in mind when we design our period pants!