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3 Ways to Rethink PMS

WUKA - 3 ways to rethink PMS

Here are 3 Ways to Rethink PMS Habits

We know what it feels like when the PMS hits. Sometimes you feel like spooning an entire tub of Ben and Jerry's, other days you want to kick the doors down, and others you just want a cuddle. We're here to encourage you to approach your period cycle with more holistic habits so you can feel better on your cycle. 


Nourishment comes first

Cravings are a real thing! We know what it's like when you feel like you could eat everything in a supermarket aisle. And we also know what it's like when we immediately reach for the snacks cupboard, or devour carbs and sweets as pain pain distraction and a source of comfort. 

However, it's important to remember that food actually impacts how we feel! Instead of reaching for the quick sugar rush that gives you temporary satisfaction, try whole foods! Avoiding processed foods might just satisfy you for a longer time.

Try a bowl of chicken noodle soup or dark chocolate instead of sugary sweets next time. 


Feel the feels

It's okay if you feel emotional on your period. Mood swings or not, having a period-cry is alright! Don't be so hard on yourself. There's an actual explanation for why this happens: hormones. 

Oestrogen and progesterone drop during your period, and there's also a decrease in serotonin - so it's no wonder you feel a bit under the weather! Sometimes a hug does the trick and other times, letting yourself sit in the shower in your WUKAs having a cry is what you need - it also washes your WUKAs too, so a win-win. 

Understanding and finding the hack to making your hormones work for you is still something our WUKA team are trying to navigate. We love Maisie Hill's 'Period Power' which is the ultimate blueprint to understanding your hormones during your cycle.  

Go easy on yourself

We're here to remind you that you are allowed to be gentle with yourself. Your body tells you how it feels, listen to it! It communicates to you through cravings, emotions and symptoms - let yourself be in tune. 

If you are wanting to curl into a ball with a blanket and Netflix, do so.

If your body is craving a run, go for it. 

If your body is telling you it needs to sleep, listen.

It's okay to be gentle with yourself. 


Let's rethink PMS so that we can get through it positively and feel better throughout our cycle together.