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WUKA through your life stages


We’re more than just period pants.

WUKA are here to support you from the very beginning of your menstrual cycle journey. Your period’s guardian angel and best friend.
We’re the support system your period deserves - comfort and security in a pair of pants. 
Perhaps the first time you held a pair of WUKAs was when your older sister took them down after hanging them up to dry, or you were given a WUKA First Period Pack. The first pair is always the best pair - it’s like buying your first bra! You feel all grown up and ready to take on the world. 
WUKA lifestages part 1
Throughout your education years, WUKA keeps you leakfree during long exams, PE classes, swim classes and morning assemblies. With WUKA School Set, you won’t have to worry about carrying extra tampons or pads in your bag or tucking them up your sleeve to pop to the loo to change them in the middle of class. 
Your first date could be while you’re on your period! And the last thing you want to be thinking about is whether or not you need to change your pad, which is why WUKA Lingerie or WUKA Perform Seamless is your outfit’s best friend.
As we grow older, our menstrual cycle can change depending on things like contraception, diet, or general lifestyle changes. Some of us get heavier periods! Which is why WUKA has a Heavy and Super Heavy flow. Leaking isn’t part of WUKA’s vocabulary for a reason.  
One day, you may fall pregnant. Your period stops for the duration of pregnancy, but you may experience postpartum bleeding. And that’s when WUKA comes back into your life with a warm embrace. 
Perimenopause may too cause bleeding - changes in hormone level may interfere with ovulation. What better to have than WUKA period pants? 
And if you have a daughter, WUKA period pants will become her period’s best friend too.

Wherever you are in your stage of life, WUKA has your back.