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WUKA is Now Officially a B-Corp

WUKA is officially a B Corp brand


It’s bloody official! WUKA is now a Certified B Corporation® brand and we are all absolutely thrilled! So what does this all mean? Read on to find out.

What is a B Corp® brand?

“Certified B Corporations, or B Corps, are companies verified by B Lab to meet high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability.” (B Lab)

It’s been two years in the making for us here at WUKA. Every single part of our business has been interrogated, assessing us in five key impact areas:

  • Governance: How we run our business; our daily practises, processes and our code of ethics.
  • Workers: How we support our workers- with career development, health, wellness and safety. We’re proud of the important relationships we nurture with every single person who works hard to make WUKA what it is.
  • Community: How we treat our wider community, from supply chain management to civic engagement and giving, to diversity, inclusion and equity. WUKA is for everybody and every body.
  • Environment: How we manage our environmental impact, focusing on recycling, water, waste and energy usage. We’re fully transparent about the materials we use and the processes we employ to make our pants- and we’re determined to help more people have a sustainable period, period.
  • Customers: How we treat our customers, the procedures we have in place for complaints, feedback and monitoring well-being. Making sure that when you buy from us, you’re buying the best period pants out there!

A B Corp® brand is a business that has proven they meet the high standards set for each of the impact areas. And yes, it’s been a long process. But its been more than worth it, every single step of the way.

WUKA is snow officially a B Corp

What does being a B Corp® mean to us here at WUKA?

Here’s what our CEO Ruby had to say about WUKA becoming B Corp™

“This certification is more than a logo- it is a recognition of the role WUKA plays in leading a global movement for an inclusive, equitable, and regenerative economy. We are proud to have scored an impressive score of 111.5 points which in B Corp™ terms is a bloody high score (the minimum to pass is 80)! 

 Our taboo-busting brand has always put people and planet at its core, but being recognised in this way by such a global movement is another win for our female-founded, fiercely independent brand.”

Being a B Corp ® brand means that we’re now part of a global movement, joining forces with the likes of Ben & Jerrys, Patagonnia, TOMS and The Body Shop. One that is focused on paving the way for more like-minded businesses, intent on creating a fairer, more inclusive and more sustainable community. Businesses who put people and planet over profits, whose values and practises match the ethical benefits of their products. 

What next for WUKA?

The hard work is far from over. The B Corp assessment criteria will be re-evaluated every three years, and we have very high expectations of ourselves too. 

There is still so much we want to achieve, and we’re on a mission to change the way that the world views success. Because surely success lies in the changes we can make- to our employees, to our customers and communities, and to our environment. 

We believe that nothing should hold you back in life, least of all your period- and as consumers, we know that you expect a lot from us. We promise to Wake Up and Kick Ass every day, so that you can too.

You can read our full impact report here.