What Makes WUKA Flex Period Pants A Game-Changer?

The world’s first multi-size period pants

Always on the go? Then you know that being on your period in the middle of everything can bring some challenges. How many pads and tampons to pack, how much room you have to change them, not much time – all commonplace challenges with disposables.

Maybe you’ve tried period pants and can’t seem to find the right size? Size is a key aspect of period pants to benefit from their leak-free technology.

Period pants let you go about your life without worrying about waste or leaking. To mark Menstrual Health Day 2022, WUKA wants to go a step further. We are excited to announce WUKA Flex, your go-to multi-size reusable period pants – so you can focus on living your best life whoever and wherever you are. One pair adjusts to 4 sizes!

WUKA Flex comes in two styles, WUKA Flex Detachable Bikini and WUKA Flex Logo Bikini, available in medium and heavy flows.

Why WUKA Flex?

Today, millions of people who menstruate are discriminated against and stigmatised around the world. Menstrual Health Day held on 28th May every year focuses on making menstruation a normal fact of life by 2030. 

Founded in 2017, WUKA has created the first reusable and leak-proof period pants in the UK. Since then, we have designed and innovated period pants for different flows (from light flow to super heavy), different styles (from thong to boxer shorts) and different lifestyles (from period leggings to period swimsuit). It is WUKA’s mission to ensure that sustainable period pants can be accessible to all.

Another world-first

The brand new WUKA Flex period pants are the solution to many period product problems: accessibility, leaking, menstrual hygiene, size, space, sustainable solution, growing bodies and mobility limitations. They represent a new frontier in modern period products, enabling women and people who menstruate the freedom to have a better period – at an affordable price too.

Ruby Raut, CEO and co-founder of WUKA shares more:

‘We’ve been racking our brains to think about the different pain points for people who menstruate, including accessibility, not having the space to change period pants and not finding the right size. So, WUKA Flex was born – the world’s first multi-size period pants. Plus, they’re detachable too.’

Adjustable straps: Perfect size every time

We know that size matters. At the very core of WUKA is our belief that every body is unique and beautiful. We also know that, when it comes to periods, the right size is important for a secure fit and keeping leak-free. Complete with easy sliders on both the WUKA Flex Detachable Bikini and WUKA Flex Logo Bikini, WUKA is the first brand in the world to create multi-size period pants, available in 2 adjustable sizes ranging from XS to L and XL-4XL.

size 1 size 2

Perfect for growing tweens and teens

WUKA Flex are period pants for any age, and might be particularly attractive for younger people, including tweens and teens starting their period. The patent-pending innovation of easy sliders either side means that tweens and teens can grow with the underwear, without needing to buy bigger sizes into puberty, saving cash for the money-conscious and reducing waste for the eco-conscious. (Check out our tips for talking with teens about first periods.)

Detachable hooks: No need to undress

Whether you’re on your period on a plane, a train, at a festival or at work, WUKA Flex Detachable Bikini makes it easier for you to change your period pants, without the need to undress. Stay standing or stay lying down, simply detach the clasps either side, pop them in a wash bag and reattach a fresh pair. This makes changing simple and easier, especially for people who are less mobile, have mobility limitations or travel.

easy change side hooks

Made from sustainable materials

In the face of a global climate crisis, the environmental impact of single-use menstrual products has never been more important to recognise and act upon. The menstrual cup has long been a solution for travelling and being on the go. Granted, menstrual cups are sustainable, mostly lasting up to 10 years, but they can be fiddly and obtrusive.

Staying true to our sustainable goal, WUKA Flex Detachable Bikini is made of soft Cotton with a trusted, ultra-absorbent gusset. The fabric for the gusset isn’t bulky but thick enough to comfortably absorb period blood. What’s more, our WUKA Flex Logo Bikini is made from premium organic cotton, super-soft on the skin.

Ready to flex your flow? Shop now

Ready to flex your flow? Shop now.

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