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WUKA are doing Black Friday differently this year

WUKA Sustainable Black Friday

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The Black Friday promotion that won't harm the planet

Black Friday. One of the biggest events of the year in the retail industry. One that we want to encourage you to shop consciously throughout, and make a purposeful impact with your purchase! 

Did you know that in 2020, the UK had a total spend of £6 billion and it is predicted that in 2021, the average shopper will spend £275.*

WUKA prevents waste. Shopping Black Friday with WUKA means making ethical and sustainable choices, reducing waste, having a smaller carbon footprint, and giving back through reusable period pants. 

The world of fast fashion and its effects 

In the world of retail and fashion, fast fashion encourages the quick turnaround of new trends surfacing faster than we can blink. Exaggeration, maybe? But in the realm of fast fashion, there is so much produced in such short bursts of time that are often at the expense of workers and the environment. 


greenpeace rise of fast fashion graph

The Rise of Fast Fashion illustration - Greenpeace ©


Black Friday is best-known for when people begin thinking of buying Christmas gifts. The heavily discounted prices of items triggers an urgency and tempting desire to purchase. This can and has led to overconsumption of unnecessary goods. The environmental impacts are what we want to help solve.

When looking into why overconsumption and overproduction of fashion has been harmful to our environment, we found that though we are told that clothes can be recycled, second hand markets are already over-flooding with unwanted clothes. The consumption and trashing of clothing is rapidly increasing. 60% of our clothing contains polyester, which is made from crude oil and emits 3 times more CO2 than cotton.  

The great news is, more and more brands are coming together with a sustainable initiative to help make big promotional events like Black Friday enjoyable but ethical and sustainable from start to finish. 


How are we participating in Black Friday this year? 

People and planet come first for us. Our mission is to offer an alternative to disposable period products with affordable, reusable and sustainable period pants. 

So this Black Friday, we're giving the promotion purpose. Sustainable shopping doesn't just start with a product that has sustainable functions. It also includes the manufacturing stages, sourcing fabric stages and how it is transported to then be distributed to shoppers. 

At WUKA, we will never send our products to landfill. We're here to prevent anything further from going to landfill. This Black Friday and for all future ones, we will continue to drive awareness of the impact of fast fashion both during and after Black Friday. 

So this year...

We're giving 30% off our reusable period pants so that you can have a sustainable period from here on out. 

With every pair of WUKA, you are saving 200 disposables from going to landfill. And because they're reusable, they'll be with you for a long time and instead of being dumped in landfill, they'll sit snug in your underwear drawer. 

We all start somewhere. Making simple sustainable swaps is great, but knowing the positive impact you have from making that decision feels amazing. Our collections going on promotion are all made from sustainable fabrics like Tencel and Recycled Nylon and has 6x smaller carbon footprint than disposable pads. 

To date, WUKA customers have prevented an estimated 3500 tonnes of CO2, which is equivalent to planting 60,000 trees! 

...we're repurposing Black Friday

With our newest collection, Repurposemade from recycled second-hand fast fashion fabrics, we transformed rolls of fabric that would've gone to waste into stunning, trendy period pants in three styles: French Cut Bikini, Brazilian Thong and High Waist. 


Repurpose WUKA period underwear  


Featuring a mesh panel waistband, and a seamless no-VPL feel, the Repurpose collection is a stand-out statement piece. One to feel proud of whilst on your period, knowing that by simply being on your period, you're not only saving fabric from going to landfill, but you're part of making fashion fit for the future. 


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