WUKA X Mermaids

We are very proud to announce Mermaids as our charity partner, one of the UK’s leading trans youth charities.

🧜‍♀️ Who are Mermaids?

Mermaids is one of the leading trans youth charities in the UK, working to support transgender and gender non-conforming children, young people and their families. Across the nation, they empower thousands of people with their secure online communities, local community groups, helpline services, web resources, events and residential weekends.

To champion their incredible cause, £1 from every WUKA Ultimate™ Boxer Shorts purchased will go to Mermaids.

Mermaids X WUKA

👇 Why WUKA x Mermaids?

We at WUKA believe that gendered barriers to period comfort should be broken down. We want to make period comfort accessible to the trans, gender fluid and non-binary communities, and be a platform that can support everyone.

The language used to refer to periods is important in the fight for period equity. There are practical challenges to overcome as well. People who use men’s public toilets and have periods do not have access to sanitary bins is just one example.

Using reusable period pants is one way to tackle this. Our WUKA Ultimate™ Boxer Shorts (boxer shorts collection) can completely replace pads and tampons. What’s more, they are made from responsibly sourced and sustainable TENCEL™️ fabric, are leak-proof and have full coverage. Simply wear, wash and reuse.

❤️ WUKA is for everyone

WUKA stands for Wake Up Kick Ass because we believe that nothing should hold you back on your period. As we strive to improve access to sustainable period products, eliminate period poverty and remove period shame and stigma, it’s important that we consider diverse experiences.

Bex Shorunke (she/her), PR & Media Engagement Manager at Mermaids, says:

‘Mermaids are thrilled to have been chosen by WUKA as their charity partner of the year. We pride ourselves on celebrating and supporting trans, gender-diverse and non-binary children, young people, and their families, and we’re excited to partner with a brand that shares our commitment to inclusivity. It’s essential that young people who have periods have access to the products they need. That’s why we’re thrilled WUKA will be gifting us with their products at our events for our young people. We are also really thankful that they will be donating some of their profits to Mermaids, as this helps to ensure we can continue doing the important work we are doing for our community.’
We are thrilled too!

➕ Period positivity and period inclusivity

Eradicating period poverty and removing period taboos is in focus now more than ever before.

Having Mermaids as our chosen charity will provide invaluable opportunities to deepen our understanding, better educate ourselves and raise awareness amongst our WUKA family.

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