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The Gift that Keeps On Giving

WUKA Christmas Cracker- Featuring the Gift that Keeps on Giving

We can’t avoid it any longer. Christmas is here, and we’re about to celebrate in style! But before we crack out the Christmas jumpers and play festive tunes non-stop, we wanted to introduce our new WUKA Christmas Crackers- featuring the gift that keeps on giving at this, the most rubbish time of the year…

The most rubbish time of year

Every single year in the UK, we produce at least 30% more rubbish than normal. According to GWP each household throws away 3.5 black bin bags worth of wrapping paper, with 100 million bags of rubbish going to landfill too. £42 MILLION worth of unwanted Christmas presents are sent to landfill each year, and six in ten people say they don’t feel guilty about it either. 

The most rubbish time of year

And that’s just gifts. What about Christmas crackers? A study conducted on 1100 UK households found that 99% of people threw their Christmas cracker gifts into the bin at the end of the day. It’s anticipated that around 40 MILLION Christmas crackers will be thrown away this year, with the majority of the gifts inside being filled with single-use plastics. 

So should Christmas crackers be banned? There's certainly a strong argument in favour of that decision! But rather than ditching this well-loved Christmas tradition, how about we take a more sustainable approach instead? Leave the single-use (or, in some cases, ZERO-use) plastic toys being shipped to your table all the way from China, and go for greener choices instead. 

The most rubbish time of year

Enter the WUKA Christmas cracker, featuring gifts that keep on giving! Yes, that’s right. We’ve launched our own take on the traditional Christmas cracker, with two festive designs- and in true WUKA style, these crackers will be fun, sustainable and useful. A solid alternative for the usual plastic-filled crackers!

We want to make this Christmas different, giving you the choice of an eco-friendly alternative at a time where overall waste is set to climb higher and higher. It really doesn't have to be the most rubbish time of the year!

What’s inside the WUKA Christmas cracker?

Whether you’re treating yourself or looking for the perfect gift for a friend, this year we've got you covered. We present to you: multi-size, leak-proof, comfy undies, all wrapped up in a limited edition cracker!

Each cracker comes complete with a fun festive fact (no more boring jokes!) and pre-packed with your favourite leak-proof period pants. We've gone for multi-size pants so you can take the guesswork out of gifting and ensure your recipient is truly delighted with their WUKA goodies!

WUKA Christmas cracker with Stretch period pants

WUKA Stretch™ period pants

Our best selling Stretch™ period pants are a world-first- with patented Stretch™ technology to retain their stretch and mould comfortably to all body shapes, to ensure a smooth and seamless, second-skin fit. 

One pair of pants expands to up to four sizes (XS-L and XL- 4XL) so you can truly say goodbye to sizing dramas this Christmas. We guarantee these pants will fit beautifully regardless of body size changes or period bloating. Available now from £22.


Teen Stretch period pants in WUKA Christmas cracker

Teen Stretch™ Seamless period pants 

If you’re looking for Christmas gifts for teenagers, whether they’re new to periods or not, our Teen Stretch™ are THE go-to period product for them. Make her first period a little more festive with the cracker gift that will grow with them- available now from just £18.

Flex Logo Bikini

WUKA Flex Logo period pants in Christmas cracker

With clever side adjustment and easy to use sliders, the WUKA Flex Logo Bikini is perfect for growing teens, anyone who experiences bloating, or those who are just in between sizes. With a cute WUKA signature waistband, the Flex has been specially designed for perfectly adjusting to your size.

They’ll keep you comfy, leak-free and protected throughout all the festive activities! Shop now from £22.

Fill your own WUKA Christmas Crackers

Say no to plastic filled Christmas crackers and gifts with no conscience. This year,

WUKA Christmas crackers the gift that keeps giving

give a period positive gift and make your own Crackers! The WUKA fill your own Christmas crackers are fun, colourful and 100% plastic free- the perfect way to package up our best selling pants to pop under the tree!  

Each cracker is the perfect size for one pair of WUKA Stretch™️, Teen Stretch™️ or Flex Bikini Logo period pants. 

Imagine finding a pair of sustainable, stylish and super comfy leak-proof undies in your stocking this year!

This year, new invite you to start a new tradition: giving Christmas gifts with a conscience- presents that keep on giving, long after the pudding has gone cold!