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Take The Guesswork Out Of Christmas Gifts

Secet Santa Gifts fo Eco-Friendly Friends | WUKA

Take the guesswork out of gifting this Christmas with WUKA's multi-size period pants for eco-conscious and sustainable gifting.

Shop sustainable gifts this Christmas

Struggling with your gift list this festive season? This year, buy something you know they want. Buy something that’s ethically made, eco-friendly and long-lasting. Buy sustainable gifts that don’t cost the earth!

There are three really good rules to follow when it comes to sustainable gifting this Christmas:

  • Make a list. Ask friends and loved ones what they actually want, or do your research to find out what they need and what they’re likely to be grateful to receive.
  • Stick to a budget. Don’t be tempted to overspend just for the sake of it. There really is no need spend hundreds and hundreds just for one day.
  • Don’t leave it too late. This Christmas, make sure you get your shopping done as early as possible, otherwise you run the risk of panic-buying and grabbing something that’s more likely to end up in landfill by Boxing Day. 

Period Pants: a unique gift for Christmas

Never thought of gifting period pants for Christmas? Maybe you should! 

We admit though, it’s not easy choosing underwear for other people - there are so many factors to consider! And when it comes to period pants, you want to get it right.

Period pants are an amazing gift idea, for so many reasons.

  • They’re thoughtful - your friend is going to need period protection for a good few years, and what better way to show you care about her health, happiness and the planet? Period pants are a unique and thoughtful gift that shows you understand, you get it. Periods are going to happen, so being as comfortable as possible is always going to be a bonus!
  • They’re sustainable - period. Every year in the UK, 2 million tonnes of disposable, plastic-riddled period products are either flushed down the loo (polluting our oceans and waterways) or dumped into landfill. One pair of period pants will save 200 of these disposables from destroying our planet further, and will cost considerably less too. Find out more by reading WUKA's Carbon Footprint Report.
  • They’re long-lasting - one pair of period pants will last up to two years, rather than just a few hours. It just makes sense! Across a lifetime the average period costs up to £5,426 if using pads and tampons, compared to just £2,806 with WUKA period pants.
  • They’re practical - there are just too many gifts being dumped onto the ‘unwanted’ pile every Christmas. Gifts that aren’t practical, aren’t necessary and aren’t sustainable. Period pants are a gift that’s going to be in use long after the decorations have come down.

But how to choose the right period pants this Christmas? How to decipher which style, fit or flow is best? Read on to find out!

Secet Santa Gifts fo Eco-Friendly Friends | WUKA

WUKA Stretch Period Pants

New WUKA Stretch period pants really do take the guesswork out of gifting! They’re the world’s first multi-size period pants with patented Stretch Technology to ensure a smooth, seamless and second-skin fit. They are an ideal gift this Christmas, as they’re guaranteed to fit your lucky recipient!

We launched WUKA Stretch because we know just how hard it can be to get the right size when it comes to online shopping. And period pants need to be comfortable, plus let’s not forget that lots of us suffer with cramps and bloating at that time of the month too. We need underwear that will stretch, provide support and be leak-proof, all at the same time!

WUKA Stretch makes it easy. Fitting up to four sizes and with a super comfy, body-contouring fit they’re flexible, protective and super flattering - with no VPL in sight - hooray!

Who can wear WUKA Stretch?

WUKA Stretch makes it easy to decipher the right pants size for all body shapes and sizes and are especially great for anyone who experiences bloating during their period, or painful cramps that seem to worsen with tight or inflexible pants. 

They’re amazing at creating the perfect silhouette, even when you’re on your period - perfect to wear under that little black dress this Christmas (thanks to the complete seamless construction) and just as great for simply chilling in leggings too. 

WUKA Stretch are also perfect for new mothers - they’re super soft, comfy and designed to adjust to your body as it changes post pregnancy. 

WUKA Flex Period Pants

WUKA Flex are another great gifting option when it comes to period pants. Like the Stretch collection, these little beauties are also multi-size so you know you’re getting the right size. Plus, the Flex Bikini period pants have detachable clasps that mean you can change them quickly without needing to get undressed. WUKA Flex period pants adjust up to four sizes, so you can make them the ultimate fit no matter what. Pretty clever, even if we do say so ourselves! 

Who can wear WUKA Flex?

The real beauty of the WUKA Flex Bikini lies in their inclusivity. We wanted to make changing your period protection easy and convenient for everyone. This includes people with mobility issues (the easy detachable clasps on there Flex Bikini makes it so easy to navigate a quick change); it includes growing teens, who will inevitably need to change sizes as their bodies develop; it also includes people who experience bloating during the first few days of their period. 

WUKA Flex adjusts easily and in tune with your body’s own fluctuations throughout your cycle. Genius! This guarantees you can find your perfect fit every single time you choose WUKA Flex - and, of course, you’re also guaranteed a leak-proof period too.


Are period pants sustainable?

In a word, yes! All WUKA period pants are vegan and carbon neutral. Period pants have a lifespan of up to two years, if cared for properly- compared to just a few hours when using disposable products. They are also reusable, which means that you’re not contributing to plastic waste, and you’re saving money too. 

How do period pants work?

WUKA period pants are designed for you to bleed into during your period. They feature a highly absorbent gusset, made up of many layers. This gusset is designed to hold period blood, locking it away from the body to keep you dry and comfortable. Wear them for up to 4 hours depending on your flow, then wash and re-use. 

What are WUKA Stretch period pants made from?

WUKA Stretch period pants are made from super soft Microfibre, with our patented Stretch Technology- engineered to retain its stretch, expand or contract depending on your unique shape.

What styles are available in the Stretch range?

WUKA Stretch are available in Seamless High Waist or Seamless Midi Brief, fitting UK size 6-22. The high waist style is great for feeling comfy and supported when you’re bloated and great for overnight too. The Midi Brief is also perfect for providing support and comfort when you need it most, ideal for everyday.

How do I care for WUKA Stretch period pants?

WUKA Stretch are pretty special, so they need a little extra TLC when it comes to washing- they require a cold wash only. If your machine doesn’t have this setting, hand washing is your best alternative. 

We recommend treating your period pants as delicates. Using our mesh laundry bag will help to protect the fabric and prolong the life of your underwear.

The elastane we use in these pants doesn’t like heat or chemicals, so no tumble drying or heated airers, and no fabric conditioner please! Air drying is best.

What are WUKA Flex period pants made from?

WUKA Flex Bikini are made from soft Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) cotton, which means that the material we use is organic, grown without pesticides or fertilisers. BCI cotton also supports sustainable farming, helping to reduce the carbon footprint of cotton farming overall. 

Our Flex Logo Bikini is made from premium organic cotton, certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard, an eco-friendly fabric that’s kind to the planet.

What styles are available in the Flex range?

WUKA Flex are available in two styles: WUKA Flex Detachable Bikini with detachable hooks for easy changing, and WUKA Flex Logo Bikini. Both are bikini style with side adjustments for the perfect fit, and both come in either medium or heavy flow.

How do I care for WUKA Flex period pants?

If you have time, always rinse your Flex period pants in cold water first. Then wash with similar colour items in the machine at 30-40 degrees. Use a mesh laundry bag to protect them, and skip the fabric conditioner as this can affect absorbency. Line dry indoors or outdoors- no tumble dryers or heated airers.