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Launching WUKA Sublime Day

WUKA, the creator of UK’s first period pants, is launching Sublime Day to reward customers. Sublime Day is WUKAs ethical and sustainable alternative to Amazon Prime Day, celebrating and encouraging people to shop local and with independent brands that are better for you, the planet and the people who work for them.

Why is Sublime Day on Prime Day?

WUKA believes that a sublime business is one that cares for the planet and puts people above profit 365 days a year—via actions, not just words.

👉 2021’s Prime Day saw Amazon sell $11.79 billion worth of product. However, Amazon has been exposed by ITV News as being responsible for crushing at least 130,000 usable, returned products a week, many unopened, from just one of its 24 centres in the UK – because it's not economically viable to be sustainable.

💯 WUKA encourages all brands to back returns and to resell, repair or recycle. At WUKA, returns in sealed packs go back to inventory. If worn, they go to dedicated textile recycling.

Amazon crushes unsold goods

👉 Because of the huge changes in demand during Prime Day, Amazon encourages people to join their workforce with the promises of minimum hours but, in reality, they are on the equivalent of a zero hour contract. These contracts and shifts can be cancelled with little to no notice which means these employees will not have regular work, sick pay, holiday pay, a pension scheme or redundancy pay.

💯 WUKA pays all their staff at least the UK living wage and above plus holiday pay, health benefits and pensions.

Amazon minimum hours contract

👉 Amazon has a carbon neutral target of 2040. Emissions must drop 7.6 per cent per year from 2020 to 2030 to keep temperatures from exceeding 1.5°C and 2.7 per cent per year to stay below 2°C. It is not legally binding and there is no oversight, so Amazon continues to grow using its current practices.

💯 WUKA has been carbon neutral since 2021 and offsets more than they emit. WUKA is the first period pants brand to become carbon neutral plus and every product they sell reduces the end customer’s product carbon footprint by 5 times.

Amazon carbon neutral 2040

👉 Most importantly, Amazon is notoriously famous for not paying fair taxes. Amazon’s key UK business paid just £3.8m more corporation tax last year than in 2019, even as sales increased by £1.89bn, failing to contribute to the community, the NHS and all key workers in social sectors. 

💯 Simply put, WUKA pays its taxes, even when people should not pay to bleed.

Ruby Raut, CEO and co-founder of WUKA said:

'We’ve all become accustomed to shopping online during the pandemic but the hidden cost to the planet and the people who work for those big businesses has been hidden from consumers. Sublime Day is about helping consumers find independent brands that are doing the right thing for their employees, the planet and their customers. I welcome other independent ethical and sustainable UK brands to reach out to us for the next Sublime Day and join us in celebrating our independence.'