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Why We Launched WUKA Stretch™

WUKA, CEO and Founder, Ruby Raut
"9/10 people I speak to either aren’t sure of their measurements or choose the wrong size when left to self-select. We see this behaviour reflected in our online business with “wrong size” or “didn’t fit” often cited as the main reason for returns. We made it our mission with WUKA Stretch to provide a less frustrating experience and remove more barriers to help people make more eco choices in their lives.” - Ruby Raut, Founder and CEO of WUKA.

You’re online shopping (again, oops) and you’ve just found the perfect looking pair of pants. Excited, you add them to your basket and bam—you’re hit with the age old dilemma once again—what bloody size is going to fit? Well, here at WUKA, we’re sick and tired of having to order multiple pairs in different sizes to find our fit. It’s beyond annoying and don’t even get us started on the environmental impacts of multiple returns…

Ordinary pants are made to standard sizes, but for us, this just wasn’t making the cut anymore. Our bodies are all far from standard, each being wonderfully unique. We’re constantly growing and changing—sometimes day to day (hello bloating). It’s time our underwear reflected our bodies. It’s time our underwear actually fit.  

Say hello to NEW WUKA Stretch™

Seamless Stretch Period Pants Black

They are the world's first full brief, completely seamless multi-size period pants. Moulding to your unique body shape, one pair of WUKA Stretch™ can fit up to four sizes—from XS to L and XL to 4XL. These body contouring beauties fit perfectly in all the right places, ensuring you have maximum comfort, flexibility and protection throughout your period. 

Ideal for anyone who experiences bloating (essentially everyone), those going through postpartum body changes, teenage growth spurts or just anyone looking for a really comfy, kick-ass pair of period pants. No more cutting, digging in, discomfort or having to order a whole new wardrobe everytime we lose or gain a few pounds. Finally a pair of pants that bloody fits.

What makes WUKA Stretch™ different?


WUKA Stretch

In true taboo-breaking WUKA style, Stretch™ features our new patented Stretch™ technology—engineered to retain its stretch, expand or contract depending on your unique shape. Figure flattering with a completely seamless construction, you’ll find no VPL’s here. Made with our super soft, breathable, microfiber cotton that's lightweight, kind to your skin and hypoallergenic.

Every pair features our super absorbent gusset, giving you full leak-proof protection (even on those really heavy flow days) for up to 12 hours. And, of course, they’re completely reusable for up to two years. Just make sure to take care when washing your period pantsExtra special pants need a little more TLC. Help them last longer by using a laundry bag when popping them in the wash - get one free when you buy any pair of Stretch™Choose from black or tan options, in two of our classic styles—Midi and High Waist in either Medium or Heavy Flow

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