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How we hit our 1 million milestone

🚀A huge thank you to every one of our customers. Together, we have prevented more than 1Million disposable tampons and pads from going to landfill. 🚀 

❤️ Thank you ❤️

When we first launched our Kickstarter campaign we hit our target in two weeks, we never imagined that we would grow so quick and fast. All of you have been amazing supporters of our journey with WUKA and hopefully you will continue with us and see us grow. 

Some of our greatest achievements since we launched this year are:

“We won our first award for Best New Businessin the country with a female founder”

“We were in London Underground smashing taboos and talking period in 17 underground stations.”

“We organised our first event “RedWaveTalks event”

“We were invited to speak in various events including WaterAid UK and Environmenstrual Week of Action

"We now cater for teen girlsas young 8/9 years old and make them feel comfortable using WUKA as their first menstrual product. "

One of our missions with WUKA is to break taboos around periods and reduce plastic from menstrual products from going to landfill. When we started this our mission was to stop 1 Million tampons and pads from going to landfill through offering a reusable alternative as 1 x WUKA = 100 disposables(at least!)

Together we have stopped 1.3 Million tampons and pads from going to landfill.

1 million tampons and pads


In just over a six months of shipping our first WUKA to you, we have stopped 1.3 Million tampons and pads from going to landfill. This is one of our biggest achievement and something we are proud of and so should you. So thank you for being a part of change. 

Making more WUKA means we can reduce the price.

Now, this is only half of the news. The best news is now we are in the stage where we can afford to buy larger quantities of fabrics for WUKA at a lower cost, which means (drumroll) we will be selling all our WUKA for £24.99 per pair or £99.99 for a pack of 5. We want WUKA to be accessible and affordable to every girl and women in the world. 

Our next goal: Prevent 5 million disposable menstrual products from going to landfill

Our new aim is to save 5 million disposable menstrual products from landfill - reducing plastic waste, saving water and creating a comfortable. leak-free period time for all women, everywhere! So Thank You once again for all your help and support in this journey.

New lower price:
£24.99 a pair
or £99.99 for a 5 pack


Please share the news with women you know - friends, family and colleagues!

👧🏽Thank you for all your support in this journey with WUKA🚀