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Eco-Friendly Gifts Under £10

Eco-Friendly Gifts Under £10

Christmas is officially here, which means everyone is frantically looking to buy gifts for their loved ones. But this year we are seeing Christmas differently to other years. With the cost of living crisis at an all time high, everyone is looking for something at a reasonable price. Then there are all the environmental factors of buying gifts. Sometimes presents barely get used or are made from unsustainable materials. 

Did you know that on average, research shows that more than half (53%) of the gifts people received last year have already been completely forgotten. And 1 in 6 gifts never gets used ever again. At WUKA we are bringing the best of the both worlds to you, sustainable gifts under £10 that people will continue to use throughout the year. 

1. WUKA Period Pants

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This is one the best gifts you can give to all the menstruating females in your life, whether it's your girlfriend, wife, partner, sister, mum, grandma or daughter. WUKA period pants come in various styles and flows and can be used for periods, postpartum bleeding and incontinence. At WUKA you can get many fantastic products for under £10, like WUKA reusable period pads, WUKA thong period pants, and a WUKA wet bag to carry your underwear when out and about. Also, with WUKA’s Give a Pair program you can donate £5 to give period pants to someone in need. These are the gifts that give back every month, bringing comfort, security and peace of mind.

2. Seep Company

Who loves washing up? Not me, but it still has to be done. Seep Company is a fantastic brand that makes all green clean products. They are a B corp certified brand which means they look after the welfare of the planet as well as people. From eco sponge scourers to compostable bin liners, they offer great green household gifts for under £10. Our fave is their secret santa bundle that cost less than £10. This might be a perfect time to swap responsibilities of who does the washing at home.

3. Tony Chocolonely

Gifts Under £10

Everyone loves chocolate but how do you make chocolate even better? Go fairtrade. Nothing beats Tony Chocolony for delicious christmas gifts. For £10 you will not only get one, not two but 3 bars of Chocolate and they are available in pretty much all flavours you can think of. They also have a cute advent calendar for under £8.

4. UpCircle

Did you know that beauty products are beneficial for everyone and not just women? It's not the gender that defines which product is great for you, it's the type of skin you have. No matter your skin type or gender, you can’t go wrong if you shop the amazing upcircle’s, face soaps or cleansing balms for just under £10.

5. Polished London

This will be the most used product if you get it as a Christmas gift. In fact you will be using it over 730 times a year, that is if you brush your teeth twice a day. For under £10 you can get a bamboo truth brush and tooth tablets. Yes tooth tablets, gone are those days where you had to use toothpaste in plastic tubes that hurt the environment. 


Christmas doesn’t have to mean emptying your pockets and damaging the environment. There are brands like the ones listed above that offer great deals whilst being ethical and eco-friendly.