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Eco-Friendly Christmas Gifts Under £20


Christmas gifts can be pretty expensive and bad for the environment whether it's presents that never get used or unrecyclable sellotape and wrapping paper. In fact, 1 in 6 gifts never get used again and 227,000 miles of wrapping paper is thrown away each year! But it doesn't have to be this way! At WUKA, we have your back - here are the best eco-friendly vegan gifts that cost less than £20! Save time on wrapping and get a reusable black drawstring satin gift bag for only £3.

1. Period Pants

WUKA Period Pants

Menstruating women and people who have periods are sure to love WUKA period pants. Every pair of reusable WUKA period pants replaces 200 disposable period products going to a landfill!* Made from sustainable materials that feel silky soft on your skin, WUKA period pants come in many styles and flow options to choose from that offer comfort, ease and high protection. You can buy period pants in lace, thong, hipster or midi brief styles for less than £20Period pants are a gift that will keep on giving. 

The World’s First Multi-Size Period Pants

Period innovation at its best, these beauties take the guesswork out of sizing! Each pair of WUKA Stretch and WUKA Flex period pants, fit across 4 sizes. This means that they stay super comfy even if your body size changes or period bloating comes lurking. WUKA Stretch moulds to your body and contracts/expands when needed. WUKA Flex has simple adjustable straps that can be used to change the size of the pants.

Available in black or light nude, for less than £20 you can grab WUKA Stretch in High Waisted or Midi Brief style alongside a FREE mesh wash bag. Also, you can get WUKA Flex or WUKA Flex Detachable in a cute Bikini style for under £20

2. Eco-friendly deodorant 

Wild deodorant smells great and takes care of the environment. Stocked with a stylish mirror style reusable case and a deodorant refill (choose mulled cider or apple and cinnamon scent), Wild’s Starter Pack makes a lovely Christmas gift for under £20. 

3. Christmas Bath Bomb Gift Set 

Lush’s sustainably gift wrapped ‘Christmas Buds’ set comes with 4 Christmas themed bath bombs. The set features the Snow Dragon bath bomb, Magical Santa bath bomb, Snowman Finger Puppet bath bomb, Gift Horse bath bomb and a sheet of stickers. This gift brings some good Christmas cheer!

4. Bamboo socks 

Available in many funky patterns and styles, BAM’S bamboo socks are a gift friends will love. Sustainable, soft and unique, a 4 pack of these socks costing less than £20, will add excitement to anyone’s Christmas day (and feet!). 

5. Bralette

WUKA Everyday Bralette

This breathable, wire-free, supportive bralette is sure to be a hit this Christmas. Made from Eco-friendly Tencel™️ Modal (responsibly-sourced wood pulp), this flattering black bralette gives a second-skin feel. For less than £18 the WUKA Everyday Bralette is a gift you don't want to miss! 

6. Recycled polyester beanie 

This recycled polyester beanie is a cute and warming gift. Perfect for winter walks, Lucy and Yak’s cosy hat is a gift that won’t break the bank but will still make a fantastic present.  

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