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Announcing Our Partnership with Scottish Gymnastics

announcing our partnership with Scottish Gymnastics

Exciting news! We’re truly honoured, and so very proud to announce a new partnership with Scottish Gymnastics, as part of an initiative to transform the landscape of women’s health in sports!

Here at WUKA, we’re firm believers that nothing should hold you back in life (especially not your period!), and we’ve always been hugely passionate about encouraging girls to take part in sport. It’s a depressing fact that by the age of 13, girls are less likely than boys to meet the recommend 60 minutes of physical activity per day. These stats alone are enough to light the fire in us, to make us want to do more to keep girls in sport- whether it’s for fun, or whether it’s a potential career choice.  

Our partnership with Scottish Gymnastics stems from the findings of a study run by the Female Health Education Programme, developed by the governing body for gymnastics in Scotland. Following a survey of performance gymnasts, it’s been revealed that 63% of those who were asked said that they’d experienced a small or moderate amount of urine leakage following training, and yet 81% said they’d received no education on pelvic floor health and 52% did not engage in pelvic floor exercises. Moreover, 28% said that they relied on sanitary products for protection during training, while 72% used nothing at all to protect against leaks. 


Scottish Gymnastics programme lead, Wendy Purdie, said: “It was quite frightening to find a high percentage of our gymnasts experience urine leakage. Do they know where to find out about it? How scared are they when it first happens? Do they tell anyone about it?"

These questions led to a conversation between the performance team and the Sports Scotland Institute of Sport, and it became all too clear just how prevalent the taboos are that surround not only menstrual health, but bladder health too- not to mention the lack of education provided to athletes. And with female gymnasts facing a lack of adequate support whilst also being required to wear a leotard… it was obvious that a proactive solution was needed. That’s where we came in.

Scottish Gymnastics asked us to help address the issues their athletes were facing… and we said yes! Our commitment to breaking barriers for women and girls has always been so important to us, as we strive continuously to improve access to quality, sustainable period products. We were the first in the UK to produce fully leak-proof reusable period underwear as a complete replacement for single-use pads and tampons. We’re always looking to improve and develop new products to support girls and women through all life stages. From the first period to the last, we’ve got you covered. 

We’ve been breaking taboos and smashing stigmas since 2017, and we have no plans to stop. After all, WUKA stands for Wake Up and Kick Ass, something that we encourage all girls and women to do, no matter what their background, on their period or not.  

These are important conversations that we need to be having. And Wendy agrees, telling us: 

“As a mum of two daughters, I just felt it was important to discuss what is seen as a taboo subject, like talking about periods. We need to break down those barriers and have these open conversations.”

The whole team here at WUKA are beyond excited about this partnership, and the

announcing our partnership with Scottish Gymnasticspossibilities it can bring. As our CEO and founder, Ruby, says:

“This partnership between WUKA and Scottish Gymnastics is a testament to both organisations' commitment to fostering inclusivity, eradicating the stigma that surrounds periods, and providing essential education on pelvic floor health for female athletes.” 

And Scottish Gymnastics are just as passionate as we are, highlighting just how valuable this partnership truly will be. They told us,

“This is groundbreaking, as we’re the first sport in Scotland to partner with WUKA. We have 30,000 members, of which 84% are female. This is not just about performance level gymnasts, it is about judges, coaches, volunteers, team managers, and staff members. We are committed to inclusion, eradicating stigma, and providing essential education on pelvic floor health. All females in Scottish Gymnastics can benefit from WUKA products for menstruation or leakage, whether pre-pubescent, during puberty or  menopause.”

Together, we’re determined to address these critical issues. And in doing so, our collective aim is to empower women and girls in gymnastics and beyond, ensuring they can compete and train with confidence, breaking free from the constraints of menstrual-related challenges. Together, we herald a new era in women's sports, championing openness, education, and well-being for all athletes. Watch this space, we’ve only just begun!