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A huge thank you "Period Pants for frontline NHS"

NHS period pants

In March, we were reached out by doctors, nurses and other staff asking for more support as part of the emergency fresh ups and fuel-up kits going out to NHS staff. We acted very quickly and made new design period pants just for the frontline workers. 

Thank you for your generous donation, we raised more than £2000 were able to give more than 400 pairs of period pants to our front line workers. 

Here is a small message from Jacqueline Gordon, Clinical Specialist Occupational Therapist

Thank you so much for the pants you sent to GOSH which are being used by some staff and teenage patients and have been a fantastic help for recovering COVID patients with residual weakness in one arm. You are making a huge difference in teenagers with mobility difficulties and the environment.

Thanks again and very best wishes, do keep in touch. We would love to give other young people and staff the opportunity to see your products when things have eased.


Period package for NHS staff

The pants not only went for staff but some young girls were able to use them too. 

Here is the list of hospitals our period pants went to.

40 pairs - Dr Salley at Kings College Hospital

40 Pairs - Dr Larise Corda at Kings College Hospital 

10 Hetashi- a nurse who was making a care package for NHS staff 

15 - Wirral Hospital

10 Lincon Hospital

50 Pairs - Great Ormond Street

55 Pairs to Lister Hospital 

65 Pairs to St Thomas Hospital 

50 Pairs to Freedom4Girls 

70 Pairs to the local food community

A message from Ruby: "I just want to thank you from my bottom of my heart for making this happen. The period pants reached so many girls, women, across the country. We have another 50 pairs we would like to donate to the people in need. So if you have a charity that is close to your heart and are in real need please let us know. We would love to donate some period pants."

From an entire WUKA team, 

A very "big" thank you.