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Gift guide for Her: The Perimenopause Edition

Gift Guide for her: perimenopause edition

Perimenopause brings it’s own challenges when it comes to physical and emotional wellbeing- and trust us, those night sweats don’t take a break at Christmas! So if you’re looking for a gift to help mums, friends or family members going through this vital life stage, look no further. We’ve put together our top list of giftable items to help them navigate through this difficult time, and to let them know you’re thinking of them. 

From cosy comforts to empowering essentials, we truly believe that whatever life stage you’re at, you definitely deserve to feel special and have a memorable festive season. And since we recently won the Gen M Breakthrough Partner award for game-changing menopause initiatives, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect gift on our list! 

For Hot Flushes

Hot flushes are one of the most common- and widely known- symptoms of perimenopause, and one that can severely impact your daily life. Whether they strike during the day or at night, hot flushes can leave you feeling sweaty, uncomfortable and generally just… icky. One of the best ways to combat the side-effects of hot flushes has to be our best selling Everyday™ pants.

Gift Guide for her: perimenopause edition

Made from cooling Tencel™ Modal, they’re three times softer than cotton, breathable, and have unique temperature regulating properties. 

The perfect pair of undies to gift this festive season, keeping her cool and comfy at the Christmas dinner table. Our Everyday™️ pants are available in either Midi Brief or Bikini Brief. Shop now from £15. 

For Bladder Weakness

Here at WUKA, we don’t shy away from sensitive topics, especially when it comes to urinary incontinence  and the fact that at least one in every three women will be affected. In fact, bladder weakness is more common as we get older, and can be a real concern for anyone going through menopause. Let’s ditch the shame this festive season, and embrace a practical solution instead!

Gift Guide for her: perimenopause edition

Our menopause friendly DryTech™ incontinence pants are the world’s first multi-size underwear for everyday leaks. They’re an ideal solution for anyone who suffers with light leaks and dribbles, and they look just like normal underwear too. Just wear, wash and re-use- and rest assured we’ve got you covered throughout Christmas and beyond!

Featuring our innovative Stretch™ technology, each pair fits up to four sizes and will gently stretch to accommodate bloating and other body changes that occur throughout menopause. 

Available in two styles (midi brief  and high waist) and three colours (black, light nude and coral pink), our DryTech™ pants will hold up to 50ml urine. Shop now from £21.99

For weight gain 

Some things are beyond our control and when it comes to menopause it can suddenly feel as though your body is no longer your own. Lots of women experience weight gain as hormones fluctuate during this time- and let’s face it, that can feel pretty rubbish. So the last thing you want is for your pants to dig in and feel tight. Relax. WUKA Stretch™ have entered the building.

Wuka Stretch period pants for perimenopause

Taking the guesswork out of gifting, our Stretch™ period pants are a world first, because they’re multi-size, fitting up to four sizes in just one pair! Our patented Stretch™ technology ensures they retain their stretch and mould comfortably to all body shapes to give you a smooth, seamless and second-skin fit. 

This Christmas, our best selling Stretch period pants are available packaged in a limited edition WUKA Christmas cracker- the gift that truly keeps giving! Each cracker will fit up to two pairs of pants, making them a fun, plastic-free gift to pop under the tree!

wuka cracker for christmas

Say goodbye to sizing dramas with a guaranteed fit that will remain super comfy regardless of body size changes or bloating. Shop now from £17.99, or £22 with Christmas cracker packaging.

For heavy periods 

Irregular cycles and heavy periods can become the norm during perimenopause- and that’s certainly no fun. So this year, choose a gift designed to help her manage these symptoms with comfort and ease. Enter our Heavy Flow Collection!

Choose from a range of styles, including our our Ultimate™ Midi Brief, Ultimate™️ High Waist or Ultimate Bikini and our adjustable Flex with detachable straps and Flex Logo Bikini. 

Ultimate lace high waist period pants

All designed to absorb over 20ml period blood, or 4 tampons worth of blood- shop now from £15.99.

For low confidence 

Who says you can’t feel sexy and confident on your period? Our Super sensual Ultimate Lace™  period pants just go to prove that you definitely can! Made with GOTS Certified Organic Cotton & Nylon lace, these gorgeous pants are available for heavy flow and in both high waist and hipster brief. They're soft, they're leak-proof and they're certainly worthy of a place under her Christmas tree this year!

Help her to feel empowered and protected at a time when confidence and self esteem can take a dip. We guarantee this will spice up her Christmas this year! 

Sexy and comfortable, our lingerie collection is super soft and comfortable, and made from sustainable organic cotton. Shop now from £17.99.